Candles signify unity, growth, and peace. It is a universal signifier of coming together of people for a common cause. We use candles in the home for aromatherapy, to use with evening prayers, and for lighting up dark corners of the house. Here we see the different types of candles and their significance.

Cartridge candles
This is by far the most popular type. This candle is cylindrical and has a wick and paraffin wax. The body has a design that is either put on the surface after the candle is made or incorporated by adding pieces of colored wax during the manufacturing process. They may add essential oils like a cinnamon essential oil, tea tree essential oil, or lavender essential oil for its health benefits.

Birthday candles
These are made from pure beeswax. They do not drip and burn cleanly so they are safe. Moreover, it does not use any synthetic materials. Candles come in a various variety of shapes and sizes. The typical size of this birthday candle is 2½ to 3 inches in height and ¼ inch in thickness. These designer candles are very attractive to see. To get the Designer Candles Online India has many shops.

Liquid candles
These are made from soft, pure paraffin. They are 2½ x 3 inches in dimension. Paraffin burns smoothly without dripping and lasts for 3- 30 hours at a stretch. It is transparent.

Gel candles
These are the most attractive type of candles available. The gel is scented and placed in transparent mason jars or other containers. How big the candles are will be determined by the container shape. Since this type of containers tends to get heated up, one must be careful not to use them for more than 2 hours at a stretch.

Use candles for health or for lighting up the house. Get your designer candles online because then you will be able to see and select the ones you like. Also, you can compare prices from several places and get the best deal.

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