What are hemorrhoids? These are blood vessels which are actually found in the rectum and are responsible for supplying blood to muscles and walls in the rectum. They sometime get inflamed or swollen resulting in a very serious condition . There are external and internal hemorrhoids.


- They are found inside the rectum.

- You can't feel or see them.

- You notice that you're suffering from this condition when you start bleeding.

- Sometimes they tend to protrude from the anus.

- Frequent tenderness and irritations can cause some pain .


- Appearance of red blood cells on the tissue paper when wiping yourself.

- You may also find blood in your stool which shows that you may be suffering from this condition.

- Itching in the anus is also a clear symptom of this condition.

- Some discomfort due to nerves found at the anus.

- Pink blobs which protrude from the anus hole.

- There is no need to consult a medical practitioner except in serious cases where the condition worsens.

- This growth can also be pushed inside .


- They are quite painful and found around the anus.

- There is formation of blood clots which can cause acute pain and also some few complications.

- It normally resembles a bruise which can actually begin to bleed. In appearance, it looks quite serious and sensitive.

- They are not very serious since they can heal after sometime . If the condition worsens, a surgery can be performed to remove it.

- It is usually safe to consult a medical practitioner when any form of bleeding occurs.

- If the pain persists it is advisable for you to seek medical advice or treatment.

- If you have either dark red or black stools, you should seek treatment immediately to avoid further complications.

- If you experience any dizziness, loss of focus , rectal bleeding or nausea , it is advisable for you to seek immediate medical attention.


- Symptoms include finding red bright spots of blood on the toilet paper when wiping yourself.

- Another important symptom is a raw area which causes serious itching when you wipe yourself.

- If you sit down and experience some pain or discomfort, you should probably conclude that you're suffering from this type of disease.

- These symptoms disappear after a week when you seek proper treatment methods. Treatment methods include using pads and cream which help you a lot when it comes to alleviating the discomfort you experience.

- Appearance of skin tags which are located around the anus. This makes it hard to keep the area clean especially because of the immense pain you experience . If the area is not kept clean, you may suffer from a skin infection which is actually worse than this condition.

Causes Of These Conditions

- Pregnancy can cause a woman to experience these two conditions. The additional weight of the baby causes pressure on the anal and pelvic region.

- Not taking a lot of fiber in your diet can cause these conditions.

- Obesity can also cause hemorrhoids due to the extra weight.

- Injuries of the spinal cord can cause this conditions due to damage of the nerves located in the rectum.

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