The terms accountant and bookkeepers have often been used interchangeably though their functions are not the same. As a business owner, you might be wondering- “Where to find an accountant and bookkeeper near me?” Though the evolution of accounting software is thinning the fine line between the roles of the two, the primary difference lies in the responsibilities, technical competence, and their position in the business hierarchy. Hence, both are indispensable and must be selected carefully.

This post outlines the basic differences between the two services, explaining their importance in establishing a business successfully.

What Is Bookkeeping?

Documentation of every financial events and transactions is recorded systematically by the bookkeepers. The virtual bookkeepers disclose the accurate image of the income and expenditure of a company at the end of the year. There are two methods of bookkeeping, namely:

• Single entry bookkeeping
• Double entry bookkeeping

The primary characteristics of bookkeeping services are:

• It is the process of recording all the financial events.
• It is a subset of the accounting cycle.
• The bookkeepers maintain the records and journals the showcase all the income and expenditures, but they cannot take any financial decision.
• The bookkeepers can highlight any discrepancies in the financial records which have to be investigated and clarified. The bookkeepers can only draw your attention to the differences but not analyze and solve them.
• Generally, the functions of the bookkeepers are overseen by an accountant.
• The bookkeeping experts usually work with data entry and does not have an in-depth knowledge of accounting theories.

What Is Accounting?

Accounting is the complete procedure of recording and creating a summary, to analyze and interpret the financial transactions mentioned and classified in the ledger account. The financial statements are prepared based on these analyzes at the end of the year by the accountant. There are several branches of accounting like:

• Cost
• Financial
• Management
• Human resource
• Social responsibility

Accounting services comprises:

• It is the process of analyzing and interpreting all financial data of the company.
• It is considered the language of business.
• Vital financial decisions of the business can be taken based on the accountant’s analysis of the records.
• The accounts department is responsible for analyzing the current financial situation of the company and communicating their observations to the relevant authority.
• They can prepare financial statements, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and the cash flow statement.
• This department can also prepare the company’s budget and put forward loan proposals.
• Accountants must be experienced and have the proper education on the subject.

How Accounting and Bookkeeping Are Related?

The bookkeeping services are essentially clerical and basic knowledge in commerce suffice but accounting requires analytical prowess which will only be possible when the professional has a clear conception.

The records maintained by the bookkeepers are essential for the accountants to perform their task, which makes bookkeeping an indispensable part of your business. Wary of the extra cost the recruitment might incur?

High accuracy while maintaining the deadline is a must for being an efficient bookkeeper as these are the data that will be analyzed by the accounts department and any error in the records can jeopardize the business.

Can I Outsource Bookkeeping Services to Save on Hiring Costs?

Outsourcing to virtual bookkeeping agencies will be a cost-effective choice and you will be able to keep track of the records on the go as they use the latest bookkeeping software like QuickBooks, FreshBooks and many more which are available as mobile application too.

In short, the bookkeeping services are a part of accounting but have a vital influence on the prosperity of your business. Knowing the difference between the two makes it easier for small and medium business owners to hire the right people in their service.

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