One of the significant factors which should be taken into account while towing a vehicle is the “towing capacity” of the trailer and the vehicle which need to be towed. According to towing norms, the load towed by the trailer should be in parity with the maximum towing load in order to ensure that maximum safety is maintained during the process.

The trailer can tow only a maximum weight which is determined by considering the gross weight of the vehicle which is later compared with the optimum towing limit. Few considerations for deducing the weight are as follows:

  • Number of vehicle occupants and their weight
  • Water tank
  • Personal cargo
  • Tongue weight

Here, tongue weight refers to the weight of a trailer which lay attached o the towing vehicle. Correct evaluation is vital in order to reduce risks owing to incorrect weight lifting.

Improper towing can lead to fatal accidents which can be avoided with careful towing measures. Some, accidents result from the following:


Acceleration adds to the speed of the towing vehicle and in course of which its ability to withstand changes decreases. Hence, when it comes to bringing the towing vehicle to a halt, the process will require sudden increased energy resulting in tragic accidents. Meanwhile according to experts downshifting of the gear helps the vehicle to stay in control. Also, when it comes to accelerating the towing vehicle, the driver will have to give in more effort. Additionally speeding can bring upon fatal impacts when going downhill with the vehicle.


There are various threats of driving a towing vehicle in an inappropriate way. Swaying is considered a major issue especially when the vehicle is overloaded or is unbalanced. Swaying can further bring severe stability issues. Hence the towing vehicle should be loaded with optimum weight. If the load crosses the optimum weight, swaying can bring upon huge aftermaths. Constant swaying can cause the towing vehicle to lose control over the towed vehicle furthermore resulting in accidents. An optimum speed should be maintained while running a towing vehicle. Also the vehicle should be correctly driven in order to control swaying. Moreover a towing vehicle in Melbourne should be loaded with additional weight in the front for balancing the overall weight.


A lot of towed vehicles are unable to run their four wheels when they are being towed. Hence the cheap towing service provider in Melbourne must firstly evaluate the safety of towing such damaged vehicle. Vehicles which can be run on front wheels on manual transmission are safer for towing. However the towing service provider must firstly confirm with the manufacturer if the vehicle is okay to travel in such manner. Rear wheel vehicles will need their drive shaft to be disconnected at first before they are arranged with their rear-wheels down.

Towing a vehicle is not easy. A towing company must ensure to send appropriate vehicle for towing a damaged car. Also, load evaluation is vital for smooth and safe running of the towing vehicle.

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