Many believe that launching a taxi booking business will be the most dependent and successful business in the market. The success of Uber, Lyft, DIDI & Careem proved that the taxi business has a lot of revenue and demand behind it.

More & more entrepreneurs and startups looking for an opportunity in the taxi industry. Though there is huge competition, the industry has a lot of revenue behind it. It is easy for startups to take a slice of a potential market which is not slowing down shortly. A business owner needs to learn about all the components of the Uber Clone script.

Components Of Uber Clone Script:
Web Panels:
Rider Web Panel:
The rider web panel assists the user to book a cab in the website. There is no need for mobile apps as the users can easily log in to the website.

Driver Web Panel:
A driver web panel has all the features required for drivers to manage their profile, earnings and trips. The web app helps the driver to login to the portal through multiple devices.

Fleet Management System:
As it is difficult for taxi owners to manage multiple taxis, the fleet management software helps the taxi owner to take care of their vehicle & driver effectively. It will provide important data like driver log, trip acceptance, earning, to manage vehicle effectively.

Dispatcher Panel:
Though most people book a taxi through the mobile app & website, some people weren’t aware of these portals. The dispatcher panel helps you to book a cab via voice call. The user provides details of the trip and dispatchers send the vehicle for the user.

Admin web panel:
The admin panel acts as a control unit of the Uber Clone Script. It has all the necessary features to control the overall portal with ease. It also has access to sub-admins with limited control provided by the admin.

Main Website
A website is one of the key digital presence which helps in the success of your business. It has all the information about your business like contact information, about information, and other key details of your business.

Android App:
Rider Android App:
The rider android app helps the user to book the cab in the app. It has all the necessary functionality & features to help the user with all taxi booking needs.

Driver Android App:
Commonly, most drivers use mobile phones. The driver app helps the driver to easily accept the trip, live location, traffic & weather information and other details to improve the trip.

iOS App:
Rider iOS App:
It is important to cover all your potential market as the iOS app brings a lot of quality users to your portal. It will help you in Europe & American market, as most of the people use iOS in those market.

Driver iOS App:
The driver iOS app has all the features to help the driver to drive the cab with ease. It is an additional advantage is that you can attract a lot of drivers.

Summing UP:
Many companies offer packages that you required before buying an Uber clone script. If you want a web panel or iOS or Android app then, you can choose your package based on your needs. But having all these components helps you to reach a huge part of the market.

I hope this article helps you a lot.


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