I'm a very busy person working 9 to 10 hour days, 5 or 6 days a week and I get to the gym for some vigorous physical activity about three times a week. I eat a healthy diet inclusive of everything the body needs, such as protein, carbohydrates and of course, vitamins. I consume heaps of green vegetables like broccoli and green beans. I eat a couple of bananas each day, and put red peppers, crushed ginger and garlic in almost every meal that I can.

I am a firm believer in getting as many nutrients as I can from natural resources, but often there are times where you just can't. We all have those days don't we? I am an extremely physical person, coming from a bodybuilding background. But more recently, my focus is on exercising to keep in trim shape and feeling young.

I know that carbohydrates give me energy and that I need essential amino acids (protein) for the repair process after that vigorous exercise, and above all I know the importance of consuming the correct amount of water each day to keep my body hydrated.

I am knowledgeable about healthy eating and the health benefits of fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs and about how bad saturated fat is for me. I eat whole grain foods, and generally like to eat fat free food. But I don't usually over stress about having a tuna and mayo sandwich, or the occasional cheese baguette for lunch sometimes, even though I know cheese is high in saturated fat (It's great for protein, right?!).

I know that I must eat a low sodium diet, to help prevent high blood pressure and stick to healthy fats from the likes of olive oil and fish oils. But, I also have no qualms about diving into the complete opposite when needs must. After all, we work really hard and take care of our loved ones, so why shouldn't we indulge ourselves in a pizza, curry or spaghetti Bolognese once in a while?

But Are We Thinking About Certain Aspects a Little Wrong?

We usually view working out and diet as a 'credit/debit system', just like we do with our bank account. You make a deposit when you hit the gym (burn off some saturated fat), so you can enjoy making the withdrawal (eat some junk food) of a Friday night out with friends, without going into 'debt'.

And even if you do, your Saturday afternoon aerobics workout or football match, and the early morning Sunday run will balance the books, right? Wrong! If thats what you have been thinking, you need to think again. Sorry, but keeping healthy, fit and feeling great does not work like that.

You are no different to me and the rest of the population of health conscious folk in the country! We watch what we eat throughout the week, then when Friday night comes, your healthy consciousness is out of the window! But after a while, something doesn't seem to add up with your calculations of 'I workout a few times a week, I eat a near healthy diet through the week - so I should be ok to 'pig out' on Friday nights and enjoy myself. Yup, that's what I thought too!

You see, last year my daughter was born and I took the option of being a stay at home dad for the first year so my partner could return to work. I work for myself, and I can earn what I need to to cover basic costs just by working part time, and I usually make more than that anyway. So working part time was a great option for me, so that I got the special bonding time with my daughter. But..

It suddenly dawned on me a few months ago, that I've gained a huge amount of weight since April 2009. I've tried several ways to lose the extra pounds but nothing has worked so far and now my front and side 'impact pads' are seriously bothering me, especially since I recently measured my bodyfat percentage!

So my thought process has been completely wrong with the 'credit/debit' diet and exercise system and those Friday nights out have taken their toll on my body. So the bottom line is that the calorie intake on a good night out with friends far out weighs the calories used and destroyed in a few good workouts.

And it's by a lot, enough for me to be concerned about my health. On a typical Friday night, it goes something like this. I drink around six pints at 225 calories = 1350 calories. I eat two bags on nuts = 400 calories. Then, when I get home I eat a deep pan pepperoni pizza = 1200 calories, with two glasses of red to go with it = 250. Total that up and you've got 3200 MASSIVE CALORIES!

And that is just your night out, not including your lunch and breakfast etc. But it's the amount of exercise you require to 'shake' off that (relatively) controlled indulgence that is going to rock your world, and not in a good way neither!

Your Sunday morning run needs to now be around 30km, and not just the measly run around the park. Or you need about 120 minutes on an Elliptical trainer, a thousand sit ups and an hour on the gyms stepper to burn that off. None of which is feasible for me, or (probably) for you. So you must focus on your continuity with your health needs, which includes not only getting enough exercise but eating healthy - period.

Author's Bio: 

Andy is a natural health enthusiast with a huge interest in the wonders that mother earth has to offer in every way. On our website, you will discover many nutrients, vitamins and organic products that our bodies require to help us function effectively, that you can obtain in vegetables and other plants.