Since I was a little girl I saw my mother working as a seamstress and I love seeing how she created pieces from dresses to elegant pants, so I decided to follow her steps and introduce myself to the world of fabrics and fashion, where, one of my first acquisitions was the best sewing scissors that exactly adapted to what I was looking for.

The sewing scissors, together with threads and a sewing machine, is the most fundamental for any tailor or dressmaker, these are what knives represent for a chef or the gardening tools for a gardener, so, if you want to start in this great profession or want to renew your scissors, you will find great variety in the market.

What are the best sewing scissors?

Well, when you get a pair of scissors to give life to all the designs you have in mind, you should not only see that their price is affordable, in addition, you should see that they are made with quality materials, this will become an investment that will last you many years.

The scissors must not only be sharpened to make precise cuts, but they must also be ergonomic so that you can hold them comfortably and after using them for several hours, do not get tired or cause blisters on your fingers.

We are being a fan and lover of this world of sewing, I am always in search of the best options with which to continue assembling my sewing equipment to be updated in my work, that is why I managed to collect in a comparison a pair of scissors that They have loved me and will be able to help you in your decision.

What types of sewing scissors used?

The sewing scissors are your perfect complement if you work as a dressmaker, seamstress or tailor or simply want to enter the world of designs and make it your hobby.

These scissors are different from the traditional models that we usually have at home, since they have long leaves that make them perfect to cut large fabrics, also, they have a great edge that stays with time and gives the possibility to cut everything type of fabrics.

The sewing scissors are the tools that can’t be missing in your work kit, because they will give you more precision when cutting, even more than a cutter, so you can create the best designs.

Types of sewing scissors

Among the wide variety of options that you can find in sewing scissors, you should know that there is an ideal model for specific tasks, so, these can be classified as follows:

Dressmaker scissors:

These scissors are ideal for sewing machine jobs because they have a blunt tip that will prevent the fabric from getting stuck with threads, they are also perfect for making cuts in curves and have a sharpness so precise that you can cut several fabrics simultaneously.

Tailor scissors:

On the other hand, are the tailor scissors, which are smaller, but, they are still as sharp as the previous ones.

These scissors are recommended in the same way to practice crafts since they have such a practical size that they give the highest precision when making cuts.

Their portable size makes them ideal for you to take to sewing classes or clubs.

Toothed scissors:

The scissors toothed are very used in the world of the seam, since they are in charge to cut creating a zigzag pattern that does not fray, in addition, they are very comfortable to manipulate.

Types of embroidery scissors

If in addition to sewing you also have a penchant for embroidery, you will know that there are different scissors that can help you with your work and if you did not know it, you can take a look at the following classification:

Embroidery scissors:

These embroidery scissors have a size much smaller than the sewing scissors, also, they do not have holes to introduce the fingers, you simply have to position them, tighten the area of the handle and begin to cut.

Applique scissors:

The scissors of apply are perfect for precision works and delicate cuts that protect and do not damage the fabric. They have pallet-shaped leaves that are able to cut close to the seams without tearing them.

Sewing scissors purchase guide for beginners

If you have no idea what sewing scissors are going or how to choose the best ones since you have never had any and you are just beginning to introduce yourself to this great profession, there are different factors that you should know and that will help you find a good scissor so that you start working:

Size and weight:

This is an important factor since it will determine how comfortable a scissor is to work with it.

While it is recommended that these be large, lightweight and with an ergonomic handle that allows you to hold it easily, this can vary according to your preferences, since some people prefer a scissor with more weight because they prevent them from moving when cutting.

Consult with friends:

If you have friends that are tailors or seamstresses, the ideal is that you ask, since a person with experience will be able to indicate you the best advice in the area. Also, you can use the web to find lots of pages, reviews, blogs and user experiences on what is the best sewing scissors for you.

Anatomy factor:

It is ideal that you take into account when buying sewing scissors, what is your strong hand since there are left-handed scissors that will make your job much easier.

Construction material:

I always like to emphasize that the material with which the sewing scissors are made must be resistant and of quality since in this way you can guarantee that your investment lasts over time and you do not have to change the scissors as you change clothing.

To choose the best you can go for the most recommended options, which are scissors made of stainless steel or carbon steel.


The best results are achieved by working with comfort and patience, so that your scissors, being the most basic and necessary implements for any seamstress, tailor or dressmaker, should provide comfort, so that when you hold them you feel that these are an extension of your arm and not a piece that hinders you by the heavy or uncomfortable.

Look for models that have handles made of leather or non-slip plastic that make the grip something ideal.


We hope that the guide helpful for as and you are shared honest opinion on the best fabric scissors guide. You decide which one is perfect you want to invest in. However, don’t forget to take into consideration our most affordable product and the best fabric scissors for beginners. Now you can share this guide and follow us on social share for the latest reviews.

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A great pair of sewing scissors is essential for anyone seamstress. Here is a complete list of the best sewing scissors on the market.