Dentists recommend that you should use professional teeth whitening services at least twice a year. As with many other services, not all dentists are created equally, so you need to locate a dentist who can effectively get this done. Click here to find a dentist near you.

Similarly, we will explain what teeth whitening is and how it can significantly reduce stained teeth and whiten your smile. We will also talk about the cost involved and if teeth whitening services are right for you.

What Is It And Why Do You Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

Most of us all begin with beautiful white tooth color. Our tooth's enamel coating produces the bright white color that we all seek and strive to obtain. This enamel coating covers our tooth's core material called dentin; dentin is a dull yellow color. As we age, our enamel coating on our teeth begins to wear down and become more transparent.

In doing so, the yellow-colored dentin begins to show through the enamel. This time, most people begin to research teeth whitening procedures and cosmetic dentistry to regain their bright smiles.

In addition to wearing thin, our tooth's enamel, from years of chewing, gnawing, and other trauma, forms thousands of tiny cracks and fractures. These tiny thin cracks in the enamel begin to fill with debris from food, dark-colored drinks, cigarette smoke, and the like.

Once this begins to set in, brushing is no longer significant in brightening your smile, and professional teeth whitening is needed to remove this staining. This is where you need to find a dentist since this is something they can handle, and they provide you with the whitest smile possible.

Is This Teeth Whitening Procedure Permanent?

While professional teeth whitening can last up to 2 years, it is not permanent. The whitening process leaves the cracks in the enamel exposed; many of these cracks recrystallize themselves. However, those that don't eventually fill with debris and stains once again.

Most cosmetic dentists will advise you to stay away from dark-colored foods and drinks following a teeth whitening treatment. At-home teeth whitening treatments also help prolong the professional work of a cosmetic dentist. And of course, excellent oral hygiene is highly encouraged.

Find a dentist that has years of professional experience practicing cosmetic dentistry and one who can guarantee their services.

The teeth whitening procedure has a low incidence of side effects, and the procedure is far less time-consuming.

Many people have issues with the color of their teeth. Due to several factors, one’s teeth may even suddenly become discolored, and the quality of his or her smile is greatly diminished. The discolored teeth are very unsightly and stop you from smiling as much as you would like.

Good thing, there are several methods of teeth bleaching that you can turn to. You can buy inexpensive that bleach teeth like TADSmile teeth whitening gel strips, whitening trays, or whitening swabs.

These do-it-yourself home remedies for whiter teeth are practical and inexpensive; however, they don’t work effectively for everybody. Most of the time, you would also need to do it properly before seeing some satisfying results. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in trying, and besides, you can always see a professional if it doesn’t work, such as a cosmetic dentist.

Popular Teeth Whitening Products

Among the most popular methods of teeth whitening are teeth whitening strips. These teeth whitening strips usually have whitening agents and have to be coated with your teeth for a long time.

The cost is only cheap, but its disadvantage is that it’s messy and the results are not often too effective. The next commercially bought teeth whitening product is whitening trays.

These trays have some teeth whitening gel and are fit onto the teeth for some time to bleach or whiten the teeth. This method is also fairly inexpensive, but the downside is that the free-size trays bought in the market actually don’t fit and only produce uneven whitening.

You can go to a dentist or specialist to get a custom-fit tray, but of course, this will cost you extra. The last most common over-the-counter teeth whitening technique is the use of whitening swabs.

Basically, a bleaching solution is swabbed or applied to the teeth to remove stains and whiten the teeth. This is probably the most popular teeth whitening method because even celebrities use it. The advantage is that it requires less time and is much easier than the other inexpensive methods.

Word of Thought and Caution on Using Teeth Whitening Products

Before you turn to any teeth whitening products you can readily buy at a store near you, you first need to know a few important tips and considerations.

The first thing you need to know is that just because you bought it doesn’t mean it’s effective. Using whitening products requires you to follow the instructions carefully. If not, then it won’t produce any significant results. Even worse, you may end up with sensitive teeth or irritated gums.

The teeth whitening ingredients that are used in these products typically require a specific amount of time to produce some whitening, and at the same time, they only need to stay on the teeth for a limited amount of time. Besides, it will produce unpleasant side effects. Thus, it would be best if you took extra measures to know and follow exactly how long the product stays in your mouth.


For effective teeth whitening, the first thing you need to do is to find a dentist then choose the right product that will effectively whiten your teeth. Do your own research first and then choose the best teeth whitening product that you can find. Avoid the recently launched ones because often they are not proven.

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Many bogus teeth whitening products have come out because of the popularity of teeth whitening, so be very careful purchasing them. Read the product’s online reviews and if the customer rating is positive, then consider it. You may also go with products that are actually created by dentists and other top companies. This will guarantee you a quality product that will work every time.

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