The rise of computer games has been significant since the last two decades thereby creating the demand for websites where gamers can download and own the best PC games. These websites have become the digital shop where games can find and download their favorite and BEST PC GAMES.

The gaming industry has become one of the best sources of entertainment for many around the world. It is one of the few forms of entertainment that connects people from different parts of the world together and in some cases in real-time. Today the gaming community is said to be grown as large as 2 billion in numbers.

With the rise of the internet, the global gaming community has grown larger and wider over the years with that also increasing the demand for the latest games. With such a huge demand in games, it is hard to keep up just with physical copies alone. Like the music industry the gaming industry provides the digital access and purchase of games through the internet.


Steam is the largest platform developed for downloading games by valve corporations having a collection of thousands of games and is the best PC game download website. The collection of games ranges from popular AAA titles to indie games, that are available for purchase. There is a large library of games all kinds of genres ranging from action to anime, that you can download over the internet.


Steam has the largest collection of games from all kinds of genres that can be accessed after purchase along with a library of free to play games as well.

Steam is available to users of Windows, Linux, and Mac thereby the players can choose the system through which they can play and once you buy the game the players can choose the platform.

It is a community that offers gamers to interact with each other, it connects millions of its users depending upon game, friends, clans, chats, and fans. This community helps in the social interaction of the gamers giving a connected experience of gaming.

Steam allows its users to share games and once you purchase a game the users are free to share the steam codes with interested users. They can access the games for free with the use of steam code.

Steam supports both single-player as well as multiplayer gaming which allows you to then have the experience of having fun by yourself, competition with friends, or challenge from someone from the other side of the world.


Easy to access the largest collection of games that are available for download.
Latest and best games can be bought through different sales
It is available to users of Windows, Linux, and Mac.
With the help of a built-in translator, steam supports 30 languages from around the world, making it easier to access from around the world.


Free to play games are far and few in numbers.
Premium and AAA titles are rather pricy.


GOG is the platform developed for downloading games that were formerly known as Good Old Games. Created by GOG limited, this is a platform from where you could purchase the latest games. Users can sign up for free and create a personal account through which you can purchase and download popular movies and games.


It is one of the best PC games download website where you can install the latest games along with their updates and downloadable content which will be installed automatically. Purchased games will be always available in your account inventory and updates can be set to ON or OFF.

Once purchased and installed the games can run with and without the internet as there is the option where you can play offline as well as online and the game saves would be backed up automatically.

It also has the feature where you can roll back the updates downloadable content to a previous version or restoration point.

GOG has the feature to save your progress in the cloud and this can be synced with all of the devices used for gaming.


Wide variety of games that are available for download along with countdown for upcoming titles.
Latest and best games along with limited time early access for selected titles and members.
Sharing any game available with the help of steam code.


The multiplayer feature is not available currently.
AAA titles are rather costly and missing a few prominent titles.


Epic Games Store is a platform developed by Epic Games through which you can download and play the latest games. It is both a launcher as well as a store for games where gamers can purchase their favourite games. The launcher will download and install the games as well as make sure it stays regularly updated.


The epic games store is the PC games download website whose revenue system has disrupted the gaming industry. As prominent online storefronts only helped the AAA title developers more when compared to smaller developers.

Has exclusive release rights for games that last for about six months to a year this helps in making sure the games are only available from Epic Games Store which helps developers more financial freedom

Though developed and launched in December 2018, there is a large collection of games to choose from and is expected to add 100s of new titles in the next few years.


Users will get exclusive access for selected titles as these titles will not be available in any other web store.
It has both the online storefront as well as a software launcher which makes sure the games are always synced and updated.
It has finally announced the much-awaited achievements and mod support feature.


The timed exclusivity creates a divisive issue within the gaming community.
Has problems with technical and bug-related issues where the gamers must scan through social channels and forums to find the best solution.
Lacks virtual reality support which saturates the option for VR gamers.
Reports of the client data breach and unauthorized sale of personal information.

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