There are many stages in the hiring process, and sourcing and screening are considered top steps.

Since two of them are altogether different steps, we will talk about them one by one.

Here are the Effective Ways to Source Candidates

Employee Referrals in Sourcing

Every company aims to hire the best person, and for this, they spent great time and money on ads on multiple channels. The employee referral program is the way companies can save budgets and get quality talent. It creates better retention levels, reduces the cost to hire, and promotes quality hiring.

Sourcing Within the Organization

There can be no best option to find the best candidates other than sourcing the candidate from the organization. The candidate and HR both have a good understating of the work culture of the organization. It just that the hiring manager has to convince the candidate.

Finding Passive candidate from Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become the top social channels to source candidates. Though LinkedIn is the most preferred channel of recruiting community. Suppose you are active on these channels and posting the brand-building activities of your company page. It will create curiosity in the mind of candidates and will attract them towards the brand.

Here is How You Can Manage a Stack of Resumes

Hiring can be tough when you try to scan through the stack of resume applications. Old school techniques such as managing resume one by one can be time consuming and boring task. We now have electronic resumes, and to manage those resume applications, you can use technology.

Tools help you find the details of candidates in quick time and save money. One such tool is a resume parser and with the help of this resume screening tool, you can find the details of candidates, such as their experience, education details, hobbies, skills, quickly.

Here are the Tips to Make Phone Screen Interview Meaningful

Read the resume to note the points you can ask the candidate, such as their gap periods, background, skills, etc. Ensure that candidates fully understand their role and the next steps in that journey. Check for the flexibility of the candidate, salary expectations, interests, knowledge of the company, attitude, clarity of the answers.

Here Are the Best Methods to Improve Face To Face Interview

Check for the Thought Process

Ask tough questions to candidates and put them in a difficult situation. It is the best way to judge their thinking pattern.

Check for Confidence

Recruiters can check confidence through body language. It will help them understand that how confident candidates are about their recommendations.

Nature of the Candidates

Recruiters can test the nature of the candidate through questions related to their experiences, leadership skills, or body language. It will help them to know how comfortable they are in different situations.

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Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with Rchilli Inc, a leading resume parsing API provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over eight years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.