If you are opting for company incorporation in Singapore, you better outsource the task to a reputed agent. You could be a Singaporean or a foreigner; these professionals can help you immensely in starting your company.

You need to search for a reputable and experienced Registered Filing Agent. These are individuals or company incorporation services Singapore that can submit your details and the required fees to ACRA, the Company Registrar. The following is a list of providers that offer specialist services to set up your company in Singapore:

These firms employ incorporation experts who have the latest knowledge about the changes in the rules and regulations. This automatically streamlines the task.

These firms advise you on each step of the company incorporation process and the required documents that you will need to submit to them. You need to submit a list of 5-6 company names to them.

After you pay their affordable fees, the experts check for the availability of company name by visiting online portals made available by ACRA. If any name from the list is available, they pay the required fee and reserve it for your use for 60 days.

If due to any reason, you could not register your business, then they can apply to ACRA to extend the period by another 60 days.

If you are a Singaporean or a permanent resident, they will ask for a copy of your Singapore Identity Card to submit it to ACRA.

They will then apply to ACRA to register your Singapore company. The process takes only 1-3 days. The agent will get an email from ACRA on successful registration of your company.

There is a benefit of hiring an agent or a company incorporation services Singapore. If something goes wrong during the process and if your application gets rejected, these professionals can appeal to ACRA on your behalf and try to recover the situation. These professionals take the stress and anxiety out of the task.

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