The citizen by investment programs let the foreign investors contribute to the growth of the country’s economy in return for the citizenship of the country and passport. In these types of programs, both country and foreign investors will enjoy their benefits.

Vanuatu is a country that comprises 83 small, slingshot-shaped islands. This country is located in the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and Australia. In 2016, the Development Support Program was initiated for the growth of the country.

This program was adopted by the government in the year of 2017. The main objective of the program is to accelerate the growth of the country’s economy, creating more opportunities for jobs and increasing the budget of the country.

In the field of the immigration market, Vanuatu is the youngest player. The Vanuatu citizenship investment program was initiated in the year of 2014. It is very easy to get the passport of Vanuatu in just sixty days.

Moreover, the cost of a passport is also not very high. The various benefits of investing in the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program are described below:

1. Freedom of Movement

The biggest benefit of getting a passport from Vanuatu is that you will get visa-free access to various countries. There are no chances of getting questioned by the authorities at port or airport. You can easily go to Singapore, UK, etc. This offer is very much lucrative for investors.

Who does not want to travel freely? The Vanuatu passport holders can travel without any hassle and they can also save their precious time. Moreover, the pacific state residents can travel visa-free and stay in the Schengen region for a maximum of 90 days.

2. Favorable Tax Ambiance

The tax rules and regulations of Vanuatu are based on loyalty principles. People do not have to pay tax for global incomes, capital profit, and inheritance.

A report was published by the World Bank which described that Vanuatu is among the top 10 countries that allow investors to do their business freely. Foreign investors can leverage this opportunity by investing in the Vanuatu citizenship program.

3. No Need To Fly Across Ocean To Get Passport

It is not mandatory to visit the country to get your passport. The citizenship program is managed by various license agents. It means that you can directly submit your documents to get the passport. You should check the list of the approved agents from the governmental website.

4. Transparent Application Process

The applicants have to pay the fee amount and approximately 25% of the necessary contribution before starting the application process. The applicants have to pay the rest of the amount after getting approval for the application.

The entire process is transparent so that investors do not face any problems. The licensed agents will describe the Vanuatu citizenship requirements in advance so that the investors can make the right decision.

6. Passport For Whole Time

The Vanuatu citizenship may also be provided to the whole family of the applicant like a spouse, kids below the age of 25 years, and parents aged above 65 years. No other country will provide citizenship to foreigners in such a small time.

If you want to take the citizenship of the Caribbean, then it will take approximately 3 to 5 months. You will get the citizenship of Vanuatu in less than two months. It is one of the biggest Vanuatu citizenship benefits because investors do not have to wait for long.

7. Citizenship For Whole Life

When you will get the citizenship of Vanuatu, then you will become a citizen of this country for your whole life. Also, the passport will be issued for 5 years and you can extend it for another five years.

You can easily renew your passport remotely. You do not need to visit the country to renew your passport. Also, the citizenship will be passed down to the next generation of the family.

Cost of A Vanuatu Passport

The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is attracting various foreign investors. The main reason for the growing popularity of the Vanuatu citizenship program is low investment and quick approval for the application.

It is one of its kind immigration programs started by the Vanuatu nation in Oceania. The investors should consult the licensed agents and make a list of Vanuatu citizenship requirements so that they know the entire process.

If anyone wants to participate in the program, then the investor has to pay at least $130,000 to the country. This amount will be used for the growth of the country and it is non-refundable.

Well, the total price of the Vanuatu passport is based on the number of persons included in the application process. In addition to this, the investors also have to pay the application fees.

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