Close protection or otherwise referred to as body guarding is the kind of protection that is offered by a security operative or a government agent. Many people face threats such as kidnap or assassination and need to be protected, these people are usually public figures such as celebrities or politicians or those who are very wealthy.

Security professionals arent always portrayed in a positive light in the public eye. The stereotype that has been placed on security professionals is that there are there to harm anyone who comes near their employer with any amount of force they deem necessary. It is a requirement of all security staff that they be well trained and certified, unlike those you see in the movies. The kind of training for body guards is similar to the one for police officers since it deals with fighting any form of danger and protecting their client. These agents need to be well kempt, mannered and even professional because they might be following their bosses to where they go which is a more serious official business when the boss is a CEO, politician or even a president.

There are several tasks a close protection officer must undertake as part of their security role, which include background and vehicle checks of people their employer will come into contact with and their own vehicles and also making sure any crowd situation is well handled. In order to do a job that comes with so much responsibility there must be proper training, but people struggle to believe this. Here is an example of a high profile lawyer coming face to face with an angry crowd. It may be the opinion of some members of the public, or the friends and family of the person in question that the solicitor did not argue the case properly. Coming face to face with an aggressive crowd, the solicitor doesnt stand much chance and it is probable he will lose his life. This would not happen if a close protection officer had been there to protect the lawyer. This can also be looked at from a different angle, a battered wife needs to return to her home to collect her things but her husband is still there. It is quite likely that if this woman was to return on her own she would end up getting worse beatings, mental and physical. Not only can close protection save lives but can protect and even sometimes prevent danger from occurring.

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The author of this article has an interest in this subject and had relevant experience of close protection professionals so is in a good position to comment but can also see both sides of the story as security operatives are not always portrayed in a positive light.