What are the benefits of being a native in Canada?

There are several benefits of being a native in Canada. Indigenous peoples and communities of Canada get many free concessions from the Government of Canada. Not only the government, some private organizations are providing indigenous services in Canada to give free benefits to native Canadians. Here are some of the benefits that are given to the aboriginal people of Canada.

Non-insured health benefits for natives
Non-insured health benefits, also known as NIHB, is a program run by the Government of Canada. Under this native Canadians get the benefit of free health checkups and medicines. Under this program, native people of Canada will get free benefits like:

• Drug and pharmacy products
• Dental benefits
• Vision care
• Medical supplies and equipment
• Medical transportation
• Mental health counseling

To know the eligibility and more about this visit here
Taxes and benefits for indigenous peoples
Indigenous peoples get tax benefits, credit, and exempt income under section 87 of the Income Act. As per the Canada Revenue Agency(CRA), indigenous people are subject to the same rules as any other resident in Canada, except they are eligible according to the Indian act. If native peoples file the return, then they will get the following benefits:

• Child disability benefits
• Goods and services tax/Harmonized sales tax credit
• Canada child benefit
• Disability tax exemption
• Canada workers benefits
• Climate action incentive
• Northern residents deductions

Indigenous status:

The Indigenous status card is another benefit given to the indigenous community of Canada. Not all indigenous communities get this status card such as Inuits and Metis are not eligible for this because they are not an "Indian" according to Indian Act. So other aboriginal communities who are defined as Indian can apply for the status card here. Advantages of having a status card:

• Treaty annuity payments
• Trust money
• Can cross Canada-US border
• Estate services

Social programs:

There are a number of social programs that are run by the government. These social programs are run to support indigenous families and communities. Also improves the economy, living, health, and education status of the aboriginal peoples. It has different programs as follow:

• First nations child and family services
Family violence prevention program
• The on-reserve income assistance program
• Assisted living program

Community well-being and jurisdiction initiatives program
Indigenous rights:

Canadian Human Rights Commission(CHRC) is working for the betterment of human rights and their protection. In the past, indigenous peoples didn't have full access to human rights but after passing an amendment in 2008 it all changed. Now aboriginal peoples have the right to complain against discrimination and other falses as per the Indian act.

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program(RRAP):

Under this program government funding for the restoration and modification of housing at an affordable price. There are several subprograms under this as follow:
• Rental Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program
• Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program – Conversion
• Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program – Secondary and Garden Suites
• Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities

Know more about all these programs here

These are the major benefits of being native in Canada. Along with essential advantages, native peoples also get some additional benefits under several programs such as

• United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
• Canadian Armed Forces Programs for Indigenous peoples
• On-reserve Income Assistance program
• Matrimonial real property on reserve


The Canadian government is constantly working for the betterment of native people in Canada. You can check the list of different programs running by the federal government of Canada. Not only government but also private organizations working for the economic development of native Canadians. ITFC is one of the private organizations that is providing indigenous services in Canada for indigenous inclusion.

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My name is Walter Deagle, I lived in Wolfville city of Nova Scotia province in Canada. I am working to provide a better world for the aboriginal peoples of Canada.