To acquire an HR licence, you need to enroll yourself in a quality driving school, which will provide you adequate training and impart driving lessons that will help you obtain the much-coveted heavy rigid licence. However, a competent school will not only teach you driving skills as that will not be enough to acquire the licence. Any competent driving company will provide you some ancillary lessons, besides the driving skills that will help you to crack the final test. 

Here on this page, we discuss some of the ancillary lessons that these schools would teach you in case you enroll to be the holder of an HR Licence in Sydney or in any other place. 

Instruction on Road Safety

Driving trucks and other large vehicles is a tall task, and knowing things in detail in regards to the road and traffic safety rules is imperative for your safety and that of others around you as you drive. As a truck driver, you need to be aware of what's happening around you. Driving lessons that these premier schools provide include every minute detail regarding the safety and security rules, the traffic restrictions as and when they are applicable, speed limitation and other details to ensure a smooth and safe & secure drive. 

Pre-Drive Inspections

This may not be that important when it comes to driving a light vehicle, but when you are driving a truck, it is an absolute imperative. Pre drive inspection of the vehicle is your responsibility and you need to carry it out every time you take to the wheels. The school that imparts the driving lessons also trains to conduct these pre-trip inspections. They would train how to check various technical parameters to make sure that the vehicle is fit and fine for the trip. 

The school will teach you to check the controls, evaluate the health of the critical components like the brake, the clutch, the gearbox, the suspension, the transmission system and the health of the tyres and their pressure. 

They would teach you to remain fit – physically

Drivers of heavy vehicles need to be physically fit and in the pink of mental health to take on any situation that may surface out of nowhere while on the trip. Thus, reputed driving schools that train people to obtain a truck licence in Bankstown conduct comprehensive programs that are related to the physical test of its trainees. These physical fitness programs ensure that you are physically capable of dealing with heavy weights or various road conditions that are not very conducive to driving. 

Organizational skills 

It is also extremely important for drivers to be organized when it comes to driving heavy vehicles like trucks. This is because in most cases they are expected to work independently. Thus, if you undergo training in a reputed school in NSW, it is expected that the curriculum will include lessons about how to maintain and manage logbooks as well as other deliverables related to their duty. 

Hooking and unhooking

This is a regular task that the drivers of heavy vehicles are expected to carry out. Thus, a quality driving school will teach how to carry out this task quickly, efficiently and safely. They also prepare their trainees on driving safely in traffic circles as well as narrow lanes. 

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a school that conducts training to help trainees obtain an HR Truck licence in Sydney, Bankstown. The author is also a regular blogger and an experienced driving instructor for heavy vehicles.