Before we take a dig at the advantages of acquiring an RPL Certificate, let us first see what RPL is. RPL or Recognition of Prior Learning, can be defined as an assessment process used by the RTOs to evaluate the personal skills, knowledge and experience of an individual that he/she gains through working and learning in Australia as well as abroad. 

Now acquiring an RPL Certificate has a number of advantages. 

It Adds Value to Your CV

From an employer's perspective, it is always an advantage to consider an employee with some added qualification. And when it comes to employing someone, it always helps to hire someone with relevant experience apart from adequate qualification issued by a licensed and registered RTO. Indeed, it is always preferable for the employers to hire individuals with adequate qualification as well as experience, rather than the ones with mere passion for the job. Therefore, having an RPL Certificate in your CV not only adds value to your CV and improves the 'score' but puts you at an advantage, when it comes to getting your desired job.

It will help you get a higher salary

In the professional world, skills along with experience matter the most, but so do qualifications. Thus, these RPL courses go a long way to add some extra qualification, which will make a lot of difference. That is why, when you have successfully undergone an RPL curriculum, it turns out to be your gateway to bagging high salary jobs that you would have otherwise qualified for. 

It saves adequate time & money 

If you have been sceptical about spending hours every day in colleges and spending a hefty amount of money on tuition fees just to learn the subject that you are aspiring to master, then an RPL certification will end your woes.

Indeed, it is much cheaper than all these expenses that you have been incurring. Besides, once you enrol under RPL you will not have to attend the training classes for even a single hour. Thus, once you have an RPL Certificate in Australia you can get enough qualification while you can concentrate on your daily work.

It is fast

Through RPL, you can get your desired qualification through the quickest possible time - only 4 to 6 weeks.

It gives you PR Opportunity if you are from Abroad

If you are from abroad and if you are aspiring to get permanent residency, then obtaining an RPL certification is the best option. Indeed, RPL is the best step forward for you if you have a part-time job while you are pursuing study. Indeed, there are numerous RPL qualifications relating to numerous industry sectors like hospitality, beautician courses, hairdressing, building and construction, real estate trade and the likes. Thus, if you are vouching for a PR and looking forward to residing permanently in Australia and earn a modest living, acquiring an RPL qualification is the best way out for you. 

Therefore you see, when you vouch for RPL certification, it gives you a string of advantages.

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Resource Box: The author runs an institute that offers RPL Certificate courses on a number of disciplines. The author is also a regular blogger.