Our clients often ask what are the secrets to lifelong success. The tell us that is seems that no matter how much or how hard they try to "will" the process forward they eventually end up self-sabotaging. For everyone the answer is different but we'll share with you 5 steps that help you to tap your unrealized potential that we share with our clients:

Step 1: Recognize that your rational mind is more aptly described as a filter rather than an implement to give you the concrete answers to the important questions in life. Yes, the rational mind is an invaluable resource if you're looking at a map, adding numbers, or some other logistical exercise, then your rational mind is the resource you want to tap. However, for other problems and questions; more complex equations in math, more expansive questions about life, concepts and ideas that are not linear, we must tap the biggest resource that we have-- our unconscious intuitions.

Step 2: We must learn how to use our emotions rather than spending our psychic energy controlling them or ignoring them because we do not like or feel uncomfortable with their message. The conscious mind is powerful and yet the subconscious mind’s power is exponentially greater. The subconscious becomes even more powerful when we tap it for our growth. It can recognize complex patterns and provides us with more complete insight than if we ignore it.

Step 3: Realize that we are all prone to re-creating our past experiences until we resolve them. And that our current belief systems are based upon our perceptions and represent the current state of our beliefs. If you come from a world of lack you are prone to continue that-- unless you address it on the subconscious level. The subconscious can be most effectively addressed through the use of hypnosis and binaural stimulation.

Step 4: How we interpret the context of our life is directly related to our prior history, beliefs, and perceptions. We cannot change this context solely through the use of the conscious mind. We must change our context of the world by using affirmations, hypnosis, visualizations, and awareness. More information on these powerful tools is available in The 5 Laws of Conscious Living.

Step 5: Be courageous enough to experiment with looking at your perceptions in an alternative way—in a way that empowers you. Shift the context of how you view the world. Start to look for more empowering solutions. This is how you get the edge in life whether it's abundance in a financial sense, abundance of good health, or abundance in your relationships. Until you believe that you are worthy of riches, or worthy of a great relationship, or worthy of all the good life offers, you will justify having less than you can have. You do not need to continue to live this way.

For a more powerful way to live your life starting today read the book The 5 Laws of Conscious Living. Everything you want exists in the world-- right now! Are you ready to make a quantum shift in the way you live your life so you can have all the good that life has for you? If you are, start today!

Author's Bio: 

Don Nenninger is a published author and recognized leader in the field of human performance. He presents a powerful and holistic perspective on individual development and achievement. His focus is on helping to guide people to making empowered choice which radiate from the center of their being.

Graduating with both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the subjects of human development, sociology and education, he continued his focus on empowered living graduating with a Psy. M. His post graduate research focused on families, relationships, communication, and human performance. After writing nearly 1500 research pages, he turned his attention to writing the book The Infinite Solution which details how people can experience more happiness and abundance in their life.

Helping clients fully embrace and expand their potential is his driving force.

Recognizing that lives are driven by the unrecognized beliefs and programming each person has, his focus is on removing reactivity opening each to living in an extraordinary manner. Whether you are a family in conflict, grappling with dissatisfaction, a person who wants to move from good to great, or a company that's looking to perform in an extraordinary manner, consultation with Don Nenninger will bring immediate, tangible, and life lasting results.

As creator of The Next Step Program™ and author of The 5 Laws of Conscious Living he has developed a system which allows people to experience true happiness and abundance by learning to live from their center, allowing them to live each moment fully.

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