Marbled beef is one of the most expensive products on the meat market: the price for 1 kg starts from $ 100 and can reach over $ 500. The USA and Australia remain the largest players in the marbled beef sector.

The most famous is the highest grade of meat called "marbled beef" (often in the Prime category). Due to the technology of its production, limited supply, and unique taste, this product falls under the category of meat delicacies. In turn, depending on the degree of marbling, the prime category is also subdivided into several more types.However, Well Bright International is now the leader in marbled meat processing in China.

Wagyu is the most popular type of marbled beef
The marbling of meat is achieved through a sedentary lifestyle of animals and a special diet in the last months before slaughter. However, it is important to consider that some cattle breeds are more prone to marbled meat production. These include the following: Black Angus, Hereford, Murray Gray, Short Horn, Jersey, Holstein-Friesian, Brownview, and Wagyu. One of the most famous and widespread marble breeds is wagyu (translated from Japanese it means "Japanese cow").

At the same time, wagyu means marbled beef produced according to classical technology. Businesswire estimates the CAGR for 2019-2023. For beef, wagyu is estimated at 6%. At the same time, about 74% of the total growth will fall in the Asia-Pacific region.

The secret of marbled beef

Marbled beef is a very expensive delicacy. For example, Businessinsider reports that high-quality wagyu can cost up to $ 200 per pound. The rarest steak in the world, the olive wagyu, is priced at $ 120-300. The price of imported wagyu is approaching $ 500 per kg.

Wagyu calves can be 40 times more expensive than regular American cattle. For example, in the United States, adult wagyu cows can be sold for $ 30,000, while ordinary cows can be sold for only $ 1,500. In addition, black Angus cattle, which are considered the best in countries such as the United States and Australia, usually do not sell for more than $ 3000.

How to cook

This type of meat can be grilled but must be gentle if you want to keep the meat juicy and tender. Prime steaks should be sautéed over high heat before Medium or Medium Rare for a superior finish.

Usually, the chef cooks marbled meat right in front of the visitors on a large stove - teppan, or hibachi-table, as the Americans call it. These are special brazier tables located next to the tables. The meat is fried in vegetable oil with the addition of sesame seeds and spices.

Shabu-shabu (boiled thin pieces of meat, vegetables, noodles) and sukiyaki are made from marbled beef. The history of shabu-shabu is 150 years. You can often find sukiyaki nabe in restaurants - boiled marbled meat with bean curd, vegetables, noodles, and a raw egg.

Wagyu marbled beef is perfect for preparing a classic steak, but remember that, thanks to its extremely tender structure, the meat is roasted in a matter of minutes.

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