Today, the trend of mobile app development is rapidly expanding. There are 2.7 billion smartphone users and 1.35 billion tablet users worldwide. What would customers do with their smartphones and tablets? According to reports, 90 per cent of mobile app usage time is spent on mobile apps. We occasionally discover bugs that cause an app's performance to be slow and destructive. According to a report on mobile application bugs, it was discovered that nearly 88 per cent of users abandon the use of the app due to bugs and glitches.

Having bugs in a mobile application isn't such a big deal. The important thing is to find these bugs to restore an application's working efficiency. If you are experiencing the same issue, we hope that the following tips will be useful in identifying bugs in your mobile application and restoring its functionality:

Application comprehension
The most basic tip for finding bugs is to have complete knowledge or understanding of the mobile app that you are going to maintain. For example, you have a complete understanding of what the application is, how it is designed, where potential bugs can be found, and how to solve the bug's problems. All of these understandings are required before testing a mobile application.

Use of Analytics and Monitoring Tools
You've learned everything there is to know about designing and developing a mobile application; now it's time to learn about analytical and monitoring techniques. Several tools for analysing or monitoring an application are currently being used in markets or by the mobile application development company in Dubai to obtain accurate reporting on app performance. Use any of these tools to determine where the problem is located.

System of Automation
The automation system is used to automatically trace bugs and issues in an application. You are not required to perform manual testing to determine where the problem exists in the mobile application. With the assistance of the automation system, you can obtain a comprehensive report indicating the location of the problem. This method has reduced the manual labour and effort of developers while also saving a significant amount of time when fixing bugs in an application.

Obtain Customer Feedback
Another useful tip for getting a complete picture of the performance of your mobile application is to solicit feedback from users. Users interact with the application in such a way that they require a user-friendly application that can provide them with potential benefits. Inquire with your customers about the services and features to see how satisfied they are with the services of a specific application and what needs to be changed.

Perform User Interface Testing
UI testing evaluates a system from beginning to end. It perfectly ensures an application's functions and flows. The UI test system is the final approach in the testing chain, which is why it is critical. The UI operating system is delicate and, in some ways, difficult to use and maintain. It takes several steps to provide a minor detail about an application. As a result, the UI testing system is a time-consuming method when used manually. However, users should be aware that automated UI testing tools are prohibitively expensive for any developer or mobile app development company in Dubai.

Plan for Bug Fixing
The work of a developer and a mobile app development company does not come to an end after discovering the bugs within an application that were the cause of the poor performance. After identifying the issues, the main task begins. This task is about resolving these issues. It is now the mobile app development company's responsibility to fix the bugs in such a way that they do not reappear in the application.

Perform several tests
So, you've identified potential errors and attempted to correct them using various tools; now it's time to save the changes and re-upload your application to the Play Store to provide users with the services you've arranged. The final but most important tip for you is to test your application several times. Don't limit the testing process to your own devices. However, test your application on a variety of devices to ensure that it is working properly.

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