Timber decking is one of the most popular features we find nowadays in Brisbane homes. An increasing number of residential owners are seen falling for timber decks. If you are feeling excited already because you want a beautiful deck constructed for your home here are reasons which will make you go head over heels for such timber-built:

Timber decks are extremely attractive

There are too many reasons for choosing a timber deck, one being its overtly attractive looks. Most of the homes in your neighbourhood feature timber decks because they are extraordinarily beautiful and are great additions for residences. These features can turn even the most ordinary landscapes into stunning outdoor spaces. Wood is a natural element blends well with natural settings. Timber decks are indeed enjoyable. When added with clear deck polish the wooden features turn even more exotic. Although some homeowners may like to get their wooden decks painted, experts on the other hand suggest that we leave them looking natural.

Low maintenance

Maintenance costs for wooden decks are relatively lower. Hardwood varieties offer maximum resistance against pests, fungi, or moulds. After deck oil is applied on the surface, a wooden deck just requires staying steer clear of dust and debris. Furthermore, these structures should be monitored for different signs of wear. Time to time coating will only add to its life. Hardwood species are innately strong. They are naturally resistant to water. A broom and a squeegee are enough in sweeping water. Additionally, sweeping run-off water is helpful in sometimes extending deck life.

Some more about timber decking

Timber being a naturally available material is also known to possess insulating properties. During hot summer months, Timber Decks in Brisbane, remain cool. They do not absorb heat much like what concrete decks do. You can easily take off your shoes and walk on your timber deck without feeling the least discomfort.

Furthermore, the deck is a pleasant place to unwind. On balmy evenings it’s ideal to relax on a deck, sipping your favourite cuppa with your loved ones. Furthermore, on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, there can hardly be an ideal space to organise events such as these than a handsomely decorated deck. The outdoor feature offers extended space and at the same time contributes to the resale value of the space. If your home has limited space, don’t think twice before getting a quote from some of the reliable timber decking contractors in Brisbane. These days, such extended features can easily be built in different sizes and shapes for a plethora of applications. Deck constructions are not too complicated. Hence it takes only a few days to get a project completed.

Interesting facts about decks

The timber deck you are thinking of adding to the outdoor space can be easily transformed into an alfresco by just asking the contractors to build a roof for the additional outdoor feature. Alfresco makes for excellent outdoor spaces where you can enjoy the breeze without facing the fury of the sun.

If you are thinking of adding an extra outdoor space, bring in a deck made of timber, which will last long while adding to the property value of your residence.

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The author runs a Timber Decking company in Brisbane. In recent times the author has been sharing some important facts about decks.