A crypto exchange is a platform where crypto enthusiasts can buy, sell or trade digital currencies. There are different types of crypto exchanges in the market. They vary in terms of services and features that are offered to the users. Another aspect that differentiates the exchanges is the compatibility each platform offers with the beginners as well as experts.

As a first-time crypto investor or trader you might not find every platform suitable to use. This is because some are designed specifically for the experts, whereas, some are more user-friendly for the beginners.

The user experience is not the only aspect you should be looking at when you’re searching for the best crypto exchange. Here are some other major factors you need to consider before choosing a platform.

Available Tradable Pairs on a Crypto Exchange

Crypto exchanges available in the market offer support to different kinds of digital currencies. It is not necessary that the crypto asset you are interested to trade will be available on every platform. This makes it necessary for you to take a look at the tradable pairs available on an exchange.

Whether you have made up your mind about which crypto asset to trade or you are still looking for your options, knowing the digital assets supported by a crypto coin exchange is important.

Therefore, while you are researching and looking for suitable platforms to buy or trade crypto, make sure you look at the tradeable cryptocurrencies available.

Mobile Support

Some of the biggest crypto exchanges offer impressive and well-developed mobile applications. The mobile-friendly applications are an essential aspect to look for, especially if you are interested in starting crypto trading.

While looking for a suitable crypto exchange, you might come across several options that offer a mobile-friendly application. However, it is not necessary that the applications they offer are up-to-date and well-developed.

Therefore, carefully analyzing the mobile support offered by an exchange is essential. The best exchange for crypto will have a custom-made mobile application that will have a good functionality and easy-to-use interface. The mobile applications of the top exchanges also feature trading tools and analytical tools that help the interested parties in trading while on the go.

Customer Service

The customer support system of a crypto exchange is one of the most essential factors to consider if you are looking for a platform for the first time. Being an inexperienced crypto investor or trader, you can face numerous challenges while trading or investing in crypto. If you lack information regarding the market, trading and such matters it can be stressful and intimidating for you to progress.

However, if you have a team of experts available to assist you and address your concerns in a timely manner, then you might have a different experience. Some of the largest crypto exchanges are at prominent ranks because they prioritize the satisfaction of the customer above all else.

Such platforms have a team of professionals that are available 24/7 and are experienced enough to assist the users however required. A proper customer can limit the obstacles and challenges to a great extent. This is why, finding a crypto exchange that focuses on facilitating the customers is an important aspect you cannot overlook.

Advanced Security Systems

Stepping into crypto space is not 100% risk-free. However, the risk can be reduced to a great extent if you choose the safest crypto exchange. While looking for a cryptocurrency exchange you can identify a safe platform by taking a look at the security systems offered by the exchange.

Security systems are technologically advanced systems that enhance the security of the platform and safety of users’ funds and information. Some of the top security systems used by some of the best exchanges for crypto include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Biometric login
  • Exchange-specific master keys

Trading and Other Types of Fees

Before you choose a crypto exchange, make sure you check its fee structure. Every platform will have a fee structure to offer to the users. However, you cannot simply choose crypto coin exchange without looking at the fee structure as it might also include hidden and additional charges.

Therefore, you must be sure of the fee charged by an exchange before you choose it to buy or trade crypto assets. You can take a look at the official sources of the exchanges to see the charges you will have to pay if you use a certain exchange.


A crypto exchange that is most according to your needs and requirements is the one that you should opt for. However, in order to identify a suitable exchange you must know the things to look for. Therefore, if you are new to the crypto space and are looking for a good cryptocurrency exchange then you should look for the aspects mentioned above.

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