One of the most destructive and irritating pests is the rat. They cut and damage our valuable things inside our home. They can eat almost everything. But there are some effective things which mouse don’t like. Use these things against them to deter them from your living side. In this post, I’ve listed some most interesting information about the things mice don’t like. You can apply these things to stop entering the mouse in your house.

Mice don’t Love the Cold Place
Rodents love to stay in a warm place where they can stay warm and find their foods easily. They don’t love to stay in a cold place so that they come into your home searching for a warm place. A Warm place is suitable for their breeding. During autumn and winter, they like most to live in a warm place like your home.

Smells of Essential Oils Rats Don’t Like
Smells of some essential oils rats hate most. Peppermint essential oil is one of them. It has an extreme scent which works as a repellent to the mice. The rodents can’t tolerate this scent. You can repel rats from your home by using peppermint oil. But you need 100% pure peppermint oil to deter the mouse from your home. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work as a repellent. If it is hard to find out 100% pure peppermint oil, you can use castor oil or citronella oil instead of mint oil.

Rodents Hate the Cat’s Hair
Cats are the natural predators, the mouse doesn’t love to stay with a cat. Cat’s hair or urine works as rats repeller. If you have a cat collect some hair from your cat by using a comb. Spread this hair around your home or the area where rats frequently walk. This hair will help you to keep mice away from your living area.

The Smell of Cayenne Pepper Mice Don’t Like
The mice don’t like cayenne pepper because of its pungent smell. This acute smell makes difficult to breathe of rodents. This is safe to use inside the house. Sprinkle some hot cayenne pepper powder around your house. It wouldn’t harm to your pet. But be careful about one thing, use hand gloves, and glass on your eyes. Because cayenne pepper could harm to your skin or eyes. You can use cayenne pepper spray also to deter mouse out from your home. It would be more effective than the powder.

Mouse Hates Ammonia
Rodents hate the smell of ammonia. You can use ammonia as a rat repellent to prevent the rats from your living area. The smell of the ammonia is like the urine of the predators to the rats. Ammonia is very useful to remove the stain and smells after rats have been adjusting in an area. Graze ammonia along mice tracks and anywhere rats might hide. Use hand gloves during use ammonia and keep your kids and pets away from this.

All of these ways are the natural solution to get rid rats from your side. These have no side effects to humans and animals. These things work as a repellent to repel the mouse. These things mice don’t like mostly because of their acute smell.

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