SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are the latest innovation developed by body-building pharmacology. The popularity of SARMs among athletes is growing daily and this is not surprising. Means help to gain dry muscle gain without side effects, as SARMs act on the receptors responsible for the synthesis of growth hormone and androgen testosterone. Thus, the drug has a moderate anabolic effect, but without disturbing the functionality of the body.

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Benefits and Features of SARMs

The drugs of this group are designed for athletes who want to increase muscle mass, bumps, burn subcutaneous fat and do not encounter side effects typical of steroids. I take drugs for:

· A set of lean muscle mass;

· Accelerate the process of fat burning;

· During the period of PCT for faster recovery of the body;

· The stimulator helps to restore the sensitivity of receptors and

· Synthesis of their own hormones.

The benefits of SARM stimulants are:

· The ability to take athletes with any physical body-building and age;

· Can be combined with growth hormone or testosterone;

· Stimulants have an anti-catabolic effect, which is important during the PCT period to preserve muscle mass;

· The drug does not cause swelling and water retention in the body;

· Has a positive effect on the joints, which is important for athletes in body-building;

· Does not affect the nervous system;

· Does not effect liver function.

Thus, in essence, SARMs cause muscle growth, increase strength and endurance in the same way as anabolic steroids, however, unlike testosterone and other anabolic steroids and prohormones, SARMs (as selective non-steroidal agents) act on bone and skeletal muscle tissue almost exclusively, they do not suppress the natural hormonal level and do not cause prostate growth, as well as secondary sexual characteristics. SARMs have a high oral bioavailability and are not alkylated as oral ASs and therefore not toxic to the liver. From which we can conclude that SARMs have virtually no side effects.

The first thing you pay attention to when starting with SARMs is that literally from the first dose, any pain in the joints disappears. That is, ostarin removes inflammation extremely well - in this it even surpasses nandrolone. The mechanism of this process is most likely the same as that of nandrolone.

SARMs stimulants have different generations of release, but it is important to note that drugs are under doping control and are prohibited in professional body-building. For example, Ostarine and its metabolites are determined on doping for three months, so you should be extremely careful with its use, especially for athletes participating in competitions. At the same time, some SARMs are legal and approved for sale.

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