Have you ever used any website optimization tools? Does this sound a new term for you? Well, today, for every website, search, and conversion optimization is considered as an imperative step. As per the marketing experts, you need to optimize your website to get the expected results.

Well, a collection of right tools will indeed help you to fulfill your goals, increase the conversion rates, and optimize it for search engines. Your competitors are also using the power of data and processing to empower their website so why don’t you?

Today in this post, we are going to enlist some of the top website optimization tools. The tools that can be available free and paid modes and provide you better results. Let us discuss with few lines about website optimization before the discussion of the tools.

Website Optimization Introduction

Website optimization involves the aspects to generate more traffic and increasing conversion rate. Website traffic usually comes fro paid search, organic sources, and good marketing. Website optimization is necessary as the technique that may be good for one customer may not be as good for another.

The website must be optimized for your specific audience to get more conversion. The tools of website optimization may help you to identify the points where you are doing wrong, and the website can have the power to attract as many customers as possible.

Top Tools for Website Optimization


The tool is not a single one; instead is a collection of tools that helps in email marketing, domain research, and project management. It can help the users in tackling your SEO needs. You can get the list of keywords that are trending and will also give you the information about the websites that are using them along with their overall ranking, domain age, and authority, and social media account statistics.

With the help of a detailed result, you can perform a thorough SEO audit and know who your competitors are and what content they are publishing? The plan of BuzzStream starts at $24 per month.

Google Search Console

Google search console tools can help you to figure out the performance of your website. The main aspects that are covered by the tool are:
To locate any crawling error in your website so that they can be corrected instantly
Can help you to point out whenever your site gets infected from malware
Can update your robots.txt file
Can monitor the backlinks of your site
Can receive the alerts if your site gets infected from any malware
The tool is completely free.

Crazy Egg

Well, there is no standard for website optimization, so you need the tools for website optimization. They can help you to figure out the business model, audience and other essential aspects for your website. Crazy Egg is a tool that allows you to collect information about user behavior reports that, too with the help of tons of information.

Anyone can easily use the tool just by signing up. These reports can tell you where people have clicked on your site and from where they come from? You can even move your call to action text elsewhere on the page that may be more prominent and draw more attention to your audience.

Apart from this, you can also do many other activities with the help of Crazy Eggs like reading user’s activity and conducting A/B testing of various website elements and choosing the best version.


To handle all the backlinks, you can use this tool. It can help you to learn what keywords you are using, and you also disallow any link that you do not like. Apart from providing detailed reports of backlinks Linkody also offers some additional features like you can generate the reports that can be easily sent to the clients and monitor the social share of your site and connect directly with Google Analytics.

The price of the Linkody plan is around $14.90 per month, and you can also get 30 days trial version. So you can easily handle the backlinks of your site and generate various other client-friendly reports.

Website Grader of Hubspot

Hubspot’s Website Grader tool can generate a detailed report of your website, and for that, you need to enter the domain name of your website. As a result you can get a lot of details of your website like its performance, SEO, mobile-friendliness, and security.

These factors can directly impact your website. Through the detailed report, you can know the real performance of your website and quickly improve its performance. You can know the mobile-friendliness of your site and receive several scores separately for your site.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This is also a most comprehensive keyword research tool that can look into the website traffic and provide you an estimation of real organic traffic. You can even know what the competitive keywords are for your website along with their Adword cost. The tools also provide you filter options as per search volume and cost-per-click.

One of the major advantages of Google Keyword Planner is that you can get several detailed reports absolutely free. However many reports can also be generated through other mentioned tools, but they may not be free. Like you can get a detailed report of specific keywords and find out the search volume of it.

Screaming Frog

It offers an SEO spider tool that is a sophisticated crawler and can accomplish many other small tasks like finding and fixing broken links and their redirection. For online stores the data extraction feature from HTML page through CSS Path. You can also generate XML sitemaps and connect it with Google analytics. It is a pretty free and robust version.

You can analyze metadata and titles and crawl and find the broken links. One can easily discover the duplicate content and pages of your site.

Yoast SEO

Hey, all of you may have already used this tool or may be familiar with the name. This is a number-one plugin for WordPress SEO. It can help you in conducting readability check and avoid any duplicate content.

Other functionalities include ability to preview pages in Google, Twitter and Facebook, and keyword optimization.
Yoast also gives suggestions or assistance for generating website content. It may offer you suggestions for internal linking and write the pages and posts. You can also get round the clock help of experts and is available as limited and premium versions. The cost of its premium version is $89 per year.

Final Words

Today every website owner is conducting SEO for their website, but SEO is just one part of your website. While, if you want to improve the performance of your website, then you will also have to put extra efforts into its blog posts and content as well. Dozens of tools and services exist for website optimization and performance improvement, but the Google tools are the most preferred ones.

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