Medical Transcription:

Medical Transcription is a name that you would have herd quiet often these days. Yes this is one of the most famous lines in outsourcing industry in India. We all are well aware that outsourcing industry has change the economics of India. People have stated earning more and more. The entire economy of India has changed. All thanks to outsourcing Industry. People working for medical transcription industry, actually convert the dictations of doctors to word files and send them back to the doctors across continents.

How does Medical Transcription outsourcing work:

Doctors working in hospitals or private clinics attend the patients. Now all the patients have their medical records attached to the same doctor or hospital. When a patient pays a visit to a doctor, all the proceedings of this visit are actually recorded over a device called dicta phone (the most commonly used one). The recordings of proceedings are then uploaded over the FTP servers of outsourcing companies in the form of wave files or MP3 files. These companies download the audio files and then process them. The process goes through a three step process. In the first step, a transcriptionist converts the audio files to text file. In the second step, an expert then cross checked these text files for any mistakes. By now the accuracy of these text files is generally more than 98%. Now comes the time for third level check. Here the same text file is again cross checked for any errors. By now the file is supposed to be about 99.9% error free. Now the file is ready to be shipped back to the client. These files in the text form are again uploaded to the same FTP servers. Administrators in hospitals download these files and tag them across to patient’s files.

Transcription in India:

Medical Transcription in India started about 15 years ago in India. The first of companies to start Medical Transcription in India were based out in cities of Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Over these 15 years the industry has developed a lot and now we can see many companies are offering medical transcription in India. Apart from medical transcription, other transcription services have also rocked Indian markets. Other transcription services include legal, business, general etc. Off all these medical transcription hold the major share in Indian markets. There are now different ways in which transcription services are carried out. They include: Online services, Offline services, home based services, center based services. This industry also gave way to a new industry like training institutes, additional hardware needed to support transcription etc.

Advantage of outsourcing transcription work to India:

Two main cornerstones of any outsourcing industry are time and accuracy. Time is very essential factor in medical transcription, as if an urgent file is delayed; it can cost some one’s life. In the same way accuracy; supposing there was a wrong medicine spelling mentioned in the file, it can have an adverse effect on the patients. India has an edge over these two cornerstones. The best feature of outsourcing to India is the time difference. If you are working for a hospital from US, by the time they complete the work, its dawn in India and by the time work is completed in India, its dawn in US. Apart from this, it’s been noticed that Indians are quick learners and have a good command over English language. These have an additional advantage over other countries in this industry.

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