Africa is a huge country, but it requires our help because it is suffering from extremely grave problems, one of which is the issue of hunger in Africa. To have got three meals a day is something next to a luxury for most Africans, who find it hard to keep their stomachs full. Food is in extremely short supply in this country as a result of drought, famine, disease, a not enough education as well as awareness, dearth of employment opportunities, corruption in the high echelons of the government as well as bureaucracy, lack of sufficient aid etc. Misery flows through the veins associated with Africans and to go hungry is practically nothing unusual, yet it section of their daily lives. As the problem of famine, natural disasters and crucial hunger run rampant throughout the African geography, the task of increasing and enhancing the brings of crops that are regarded as being staple ones, such as rice, maize, wheat and also cassava may be emphasized. Even although aforementioned crops are needed to be able to improve the security of food, they alone are not capable of eradicating the problem of malnutrition.

A single crop can't solve the problem of hunger in Africa, but numerous crops can and those crops are vegetables. It continues to be estimated that around a billion people suffer from the difficulty of “hidden hunger” without them knowing. Hidden hunger is if the body is deficient in nutrients, vitamins and other nourishments which usually stunts physical, cognitive and also mental growth. If vegetables are grown on a large scale, then the problem of hunger in Africa may be greatly reduced, if not necessarily resolved, as vegetables are cheap to develop and do not require a lot water, also they've all the mandatory amount of vitamins and minerals which the African individuals desperately need. Vegetables usually have a shorter amount of growing as opposed to staple crops, hence they may be less apt to be affected simply by drought, will benefit the most from even scare reasons for water that is supplied and the take advantage of the soil that is already missing nutrients itself. Right now, it is troubling to know that no nation in Africa is focusing upon growing vegetables. World Vegetable Center (AVRDC), which is an international organization has recently started emphasizing helping farmers create a sees system which is sustainable within Africa, in order to control hunger in Africa. A variety of diverse seeds are usually grown which may have different traits, thus creating them resistant to pests and bacteria along with allowing them to grow in the African climate.

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