Garden statues are also known as garden gnomes. Garden gnomes are little garden dwarfs.Garden statues are ornaments or decorations for gardens and parks. Garden statues can be seen in many forms. Some of the most common garden statues are ancient Greek statues, animal statues (ducks, swans, rabbits, birds, elephants, etc.),God statues, human statues, etc. Concrete is a common material used to make garden statues. It makes the statues strong and durable that could withstand any weather conditions like rain, excess heat, excess cold, etc.

How to make a garden statue?
Making a garden statue is very easy! Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1:- Start by the base.
The base of a statue is known as ‘armature.’ It is the backbone of your statue. Make the base of the statue by folding hardware fabric. Hardware fabric is in the form of a netted wire screen. Use wire blades to cut the hardware fabric into the desired size.

Step 2:- Layer the concrete.
After making the base, you will need concrete to move further. Be careful when handling concrete as it might cause harm to your skin. It is recommended towear rubber gloves before handling concrete. Take a solution of concrete and parts of water. Mix the concrete and water in a vessel. The density of the solution must be like a mud pie.

With your hands, pick up small amounts of the concrete and water solution. Fill the solution in the gaps of the netted wire screen. This might take some time. As you keep on filling the concrete solution into the netted wire screen, the thickness of the statue will increase. The last layer of the solution will be used to sculpt the statue.

Step 3:- Apply the builder’s plastic coating.
Drizzle the concrete layer with water. Coat it with the builder's plastic coating. As it dehydrates, it will harden.
Step 4:- Apply the second layer.

After the first layer hardens, apply another layer of the concrete solution. The second layer will be sculpted. After around one or two hours of applying the second layer, start sculpting different designs on the wet layer. Let the statue solidify for six to eight hours. After that, use sharp sculpting tools to design the moistsection.

Step 5:- Let the statue set and it’s complete.
After sculpting, drizzle water on the statue. Coat the statue with a layer of plastic sheets. Let the statue set/solidify for 24 hours to 48 hours. After it hardens, glaze the surface of the statue with a concrete binder to avoid cracking. If you want, you can paint the statue and create beautiful figures and colourful statues.

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Bottom line.
Garden statues are a great way to decorate gardens, parks,lawns and public places. They are pretty and aesthetic. It is pretty easy to make garden statues by following the above-mentioned steps.

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Making garden statues is pretty exciting and time-consuming. Buying one is convenient and simple. Visit to buy the most beautiful garden statues.