Laying floor tiles can seem like an arduous job. Furthermore the installation process should be carefully administered to avoid major damage. Irrespective of the quality of tiles you pick, remember the installation process should be flawlessly conducted in order to ensure they fit well and don’t get damaged in midway. If you are thinking of trusting your own skills in installing the tiles make sure you have been doing it the right way but for that you will need to know the common mistakes during tiling which can ruin a project entirely. 

Firstly here is a set of mistakes you should avoid while taking up the DIY tiling plan. Have a look: 

Using a trowel of wrong size 

Before you start using the trowel remember it should match with the size of the tile. The bigger a tile, the deeper a thin set ought to be. For this you will require using a trowel which has deep notches, allowing better adjustments while laying down a tile. As you go on to invest on the trowel find out if it has these words written “large tile format”. This means the thin set is appropriate for holding larger tiles. Generally trowels measuring half an inch are appropriate for 16 inches tiles. Those with the 3/4th inch notch are ideal for bigger sized tiles. That’s why we recommend you call up Floor Tiling Services in Perth for the job. 

Cracking tiles 

As you cut a tile make sure you don’t break it in the process. Furthermore this could land you into paying extras. Broken tiles are too wasteful and can turn out expensive. Hence it is important that you take a pencil and mark the tiles. Now you can place a tile against your fence and then get it lined up with saw blade Exert even pressure while cutting the tiles. The process will keep them from being broken. 

Wrong underlayment 

Correct! That’s why we would again recommend that you get in touch with a Floor Tiling service provider in Perth. Most of the time, people who take up a DIY tile installation job should stay wary of wrong underlayment. Remember you will require a strong and flat surface for the tiles to fit properly. If the underlayment is weak the tiles will gradually sag or crack in different areas. Get a cement board before you lay the tiles. 

You can further have a look at the subflooring for determining its distance from the original floor framing. 

Laying them wrongly 

If you are thinking of laying down the tiles diagonally, remember you will need proper planning. Considering that you are not a pro in the job, its better that you hire Local Floor Tilers in Perth; experts are aware of the angles required for laying down tiles in a diagonal pattern. 

Wrong grouts 

Also using the wrong grout can ruin aesthetics of the tiling project. Make a grout mix using a trowel with consistency similar to peanut butter. Never use a drill which will further introduce air and weaken its holding capacity. Let the grout settle for another 10 minutes. 

Other than these, be wary of mistakes like lack of backer board, lack of prep work, bad caulking and less tiles.

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