One question I get all the time from people who are thinking about global trend of using solar energy is, "What are factors responsible for global trend of using solar energy?"

The people prefer to use solar energy. The growth of solar energy production is significantly growing and there are two factors mainly responsible for this growth.

First, the costs of generating electricity from solar power is coming down. Electricity generated from solar power is still a more expensive form of electricity than wind or natural gas and however, the gap is narrowing and some industry advocates say it is about to disappear soon.

Second, U.S. public policy is continuous to be solar-friendly. While Congress opted not to enact climate legislation, it has put into place an investment tax credit for renewable energy that will stay in place through 2016. Twenty-eight states have enacted renewable electricity standards.

Rhone Resch, the president and CEO of the solar energy Industries Association (SEIA), which organizes the event with the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), told that “We now live in a world where you can be born in a solar hospital, get educated in a solar school, go to a solar college and while there drink beer brewed at a solar brewery. Get married in a solar church, go to work in a solar office building, watch your favorite baseball team in a solar stadium and live in a country protected by the world’s best armed forces powered by solar. And I’m hopeful that when I get to that magic age, my kids have the opportunity to put me in a solar-powered nursing home. The breadth and depth of solar in our lives is amazing”.

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