When we sleep, it seems like we are going into a whole new world where all things are possible. We are able to fly, swim, dance or have use super powers. We could also be chased, killed, connect with past loved ones and have many other experiences. All these many different things we experience in our dreams.

So, what are dreams? Why is it so powerful that it enables humans to perform things which are seemingly impossible to do in real life? Why do  we have dreams? What is its purpose? Why does it have to be something strange like? Indeed, there are a lot of questions that a person could think of when talking about dreams.

Based on several studies, dreams are forms of mental activities. They take place when you fall in to the delta level of sleep. Dreams are products of our subconscious mind, which we often forget when waking up. Only those very strange and unique ones will remain in our memories even when we are awake.

Many experts are trying to search for more answers to what are dreams because up to now, there is still no solid definition available. When they study dreams, they can either focus on the physiological or psychological side.

In the aspect of physiologically, there are particular states where sleep states are being measured and analyzed with the use of an electro encephalograph or EEG. The EEG collects electrodes from the surface of the scalp.

The electrodes collected measure your brain wave activity – a vital factor in the creation of dreams. The brain wave activity measures two unique categories of sleeping: Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep.

What are dreams? According to experts that respect symbols and structures, all dreams have meaning. Dreams are trying to show to you something which you may have done already, doing at present or should doing in the future.  

In this part, analyzing the dream would take into consideration looking at the situation of your entire dream. Also, you should think of the places, people, objectives, and other things that are involved in a dream.

Many individuals have experienced nightmares or scary dreams. They all want to get rid of such dream events. Many of them are asking what dreams are.  They are interested in knowing because once they become familiar with what dreams are and how they work, they can get an idea on how to prevent having nightmares. They may even have some ideas on how to create good and happy dreams.

Indeed, there are plenty of factors that boost the interests of experts and practitioners to learn more about the mystery of dreams. They research, study, and analyze in order to also provide essential answers to people getting confused about their dreams.  They would want to provide more justifiable answers to what are dreams both on the theoretical and scientific field.

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