For all those companies offering solutions through SaaS model, customer success metric is a prime model point to consider. Whenever some customers are using your services and procure measurable value, they end up remaining as customers and present some opportunities for added revenue. Now, the main question is how can they measure the success ratio? That’s when you need services from Customer Success Metrics now. These metrics are here to provide multiple insights into various factors, to determine the success story of each and every customer.

Main purpose of the metrics

The main goal of these metrics is to help understand and explain how customer gets to use your solution. It will talk about the number of customers you have successfully retained and even value of those retained people. Each organization ensures to use separate measuring techniques. Each metric need can eventually change with the life cycle of that particular customer. So, before moving forward, it is time to learn about some of the best success metrics, designed to offer transparency and insight for those companies, relying on SaaS models.

NPS method as tool for new businesses

The crucial metric is not about the value but how customers feel while working with the business’s solutions. You need to determine if they are referring your companies to others or not.
NPS or the Net Promoter Score is one metric which talks about the reference platform. How much are your customers willing to refer your company to others? The answer needs to be requested from a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest potential.
Those people responding with 9 or 10 will work as promoters. Make sure to incentivize their roles as promoters for a better business lead later on. The formula in here is NPS is equivalent to promoter’s percentage or percentage of detractors.
Lifetime value of customers:
Some of the informative metrics are known to use a combination of all major points, as targeted in LTV or Lifetime value. LTV is one estimate of customer’s value over expected total customer lifecycle. It is one valuable metric, designed to assess health of the SaaS business model. It works well by providing average revenue figure of the customer before churning process starts.
It is a forward-looking module and it becomes tough to pinpoint in some businesses. It is vital to know LTV accurately as that provides your business a water level.
Once you are sure of the LTV, you will realize how much you need to spend for acquiring customers. You can further determine the notable payback period for the acquisition costs.
The LTV formula is defined as LTV equivalent to ARPA or Customer Churn Rate.

ARPA module to consider

If the above mentioned points are not quite up to the mark, you can try out another Customer Success Metrics option and that is called ARPA or the Average Revenue Per Account. It talks about the ongoing value of every customer.
The recurring revenue businesses are always willing to know the average revenue per account. It actually works well to refine the current analytic process of the revenue capabilities within the customer level.
The available figure is widely used for comparing with the other SaaS companies. It helps in further forecasting the future revenues well.
ARPA further helps in fueling some of the other metrics for providing deeper insight into the future revenues of the company.
Proficient understanding of this metric will ask you to know about the recurring revenue monthly and total active customer amount. The formula in here is ARPA equivalent to MRR or monthly recurring revenue or total customer number.

Churn rate to know the numbers of customers you are losing

Also known as attrition rate, this churn rate determines the rates in which customers are canceling or unsubscribing your values. Think it to be SaaS business where the goal is mainly to fill bucket in balanced and efficient manner. In most of the cases, you want to fill up this bucket and want the contents to double up. So, the success story over here is to create a bigger bucket.
These are few of the many ways in which SaaS module based companies can measure their customer success story. Go through all before taking the final call.

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