Now that cannabis is legalized in many states around the world, we’re seeing the growing popularity of edible marijuana products. However, at the same time, there is also some uncertainty surrounding it. On one hand, there are so many advantages of edibles over other marijuana consumption methods like smoking. On the other hand, edibles are an unpopular starting point for first-time marijuana users because its dosing can be a bit tricky.

It’s very easy to over- and even under-dose with edibles. Although an overdose won’t hurt you, it can give you an incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant experience that might cause you to panic. Despite these risks, many people are swarming the marketplace, looking for all kinds of edible marijuana products. Why is this so? What makes edibles more favorable for recreational use compared to other forms of consumption? Read on and find out.

Edible Marijuana Products Offer a Safe Alternative to Vaping or Smoking

One main reason why consumers are turning to edible marijuana over vaping or smoking is that the former is generally a safer alternative. Vaping and smoking can give you an almost-instant buzz that can last for up to three hours, but it comes with respiratory issues like coughing and a sore throat. Another issue is that smoking requires you to inhale carcinogens through combustion (although you can spare yourself from this by vaping cannabis). If you’re not comfortable with vaping and smoking flower and concentrates, choose edibles.

Edible Marijuana Products Create a High that Lasts for a Longer Time

Another attraction to edibles for recreational use is the fact that the high you get from edibles lasts longer than vaping or smoking. The buzz from vaporized or smoked cannabis generally begins in just a few minutes and lasts anywhere between one and three hours. On the other hand, although edibles take much longer to get you to that sweet spot, the amount of time that you stay there is longer and lasts for up to seven hours. The same reason also goes for patients using medical marijuana as they get longer-lasting relief from pain, muscle spasms and other similar conditions.

Edible Marijuana Products Can Be Consumed Discreetly and Taste Delicious

Consumers who constantly need to get their cannabis fix multiple times throughout the day can do so in a very discreet way with edibles. You don’t have to carry around a vape pen or a joint and have to walk around trying to look for a spot where you can get high. As long as your edibles are labeled correctly and you don’t lose yourself by accident, you should be fine consuming edibles anytime you want. Also, edibles are popular because they are delicious—you can take your pick from cereal bars, fruit chews, brownies, and even gummies. There’s a wide range of edible marijuana products for everyone.

With more and more consumers turning to edible marijuana products, we can expect the variety of these products to continue growing. Whatever product you decide to munch on, just make sure that you carefully check on the dosage and not be too aggressive with snacking on them. Otherwise, you might find yourself battling the unpleasant feeling of being too high.

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