Although there are hundreds of areas within the body where energy is concentrated and focused, when we use the term Chakra (Sanskrit for wheel), we are usually referring to the seven major focal points of life force located within the etherial body. Comparable to wheels, these spinning energy vortexes form a network through which we are able to receive, process and transmit life energies and thus allow spirit, body and mind to act as one complete, holistic system.

Each of these major chakras has a specific function and corresponds to a certain aspect of our consciousness, as well as being related to a particular gland or organ, a colour of the rainbow and elements (earth, air, fire or water; or a combination of elements), various foods, gems or minerals, aromas and sensory functions.
Understanding these focal points and working with them will allow us to bring spiritual, mental and physical aspects of our being into a relationship which is harmonious and thus enable us to acknowledge, accept and integrate all levels contained within our consciousness.

As space does not allow a full listing of all correspondences, here is a simplified list of all seven chakras, their numerical position, name, location, colour, basic function and associated gland/ organ:

First - root or base - base of spine (coccyx) - red - gives physical vitality, preserves life force, self-love and instincts - adrenal glands, kindeys.
Second - sacral or navel - area between lower abdomen and navel - orange - procreation, physical force, digestion, sexuality - prostrate gland, ovaries, testicles, spleen, womb, bladder.
Third - solar plexus - underneath the breastbone, behind stomach - golden yellow - centre of personal power, intellect, ambition, desire, astral force, emotions based on touch and intellect - pancreas, stomach, digestive tracts, liver, gall bladder, spleen, autonomic nervous system.
Fourth - heart - centre of the chest, at heart level - green - vitalises heart, circulatory system, thymus, cellular structure, blood, involuntary muscle activity - heart, lungs, thymus, circulatory system, ribs, hands, skin.
Fifth - throat - neck/ throat, above the collar bone - blue - communication, acts to provide energy and understanding for/ of mental and verbal communication - thyroid, throat and jaw, alimentary canal, vocal cords, lungs, breath.
Sixth - third eye or brow - between and approx. one finger's width above eyebrows - indigo - psychic power, spiritual energy, higher intuition, magnetic forces, light, clairvoyance, healing from addictions - pituitary gland, eyes, ears, nose, cerebellum, sinuses, central nervous system.
Seventh - crown - crown, top of head - violet - spirituality, dynamic thought/ energy, enlightenment, vitalises the right eye - cerebrum, pineal gland.

Of course there is much more to them, but the main point to remember is that in order to function properly and keep the harmony of the whole intact, they must be balanced and open. If one or more of them is over/ under active or closed, the harmony is lost and health of body, mind and spirit will be affected.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic industry

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