If you ask the average person to define calories will usually hear something like, it's bad from food. Although we think of them this way, calories are really things in food that can’t be seen, touch, to separate from the food and push aside on the plate. Calories actually are measure of energy in our food, and no matter what action the body, whether it is pumping blood or pumping iron, you need energy in the form of calories for it to happen.

Thus immediately do the math in your head that actually food from the foregoing is fuel for our body. Exactly! But the energy that our body needs, in the form of calories, is locked within the proteins, fats and carbohydrates which constitute the food we eat. The required energy is not released until it the food is fully processed. Then it can be used to perform the activities within each cell in our body. A calorie is a simple way to express the amount of energy can be released from the food that you eat.

Putting food in our body is not completely the same as what happens when you put petrol in our car. Simply having a fuel tank will not make the car move forward. We know the process right.. fuel should go into the engine and burned, thus releasing energy that allows the car to move.
Similarly, our digestive system acts as an engine of our body, it processes the fuel and releasing energy from food. And then our body uses this energy to perform virtually all functions in each second of life. The amount of energy (calories) in a given food depends on how much protein, fat and carbohydrate it contains within itself. Each gram of protein or carbon-hydrate the food he provides 4 calories of energy the body. However, fats contain more than double, 9 calories per gram, which is the main reason why food full of fats is often called dense energy.
When you think of calories as energy, it is somewhat easier to understand how calorie balance affects your weight. If the energy available to your body (from food that you eat) is the same energy that your body uses to perform all its functions, then your weight should remain stable. But if there is more energy available from food than your body can use, then it is stored in your backup, and they are those fatty deposits on the hips, stomach and thighs.

Until next time, Give your self a vital life!

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Cadrian say Do not forget that this advice for permanent fat removal in any case should not omit physical activity. I hope these flash tips managed to briefly inform you about some nutrition that will help solve some of the health problems. My advice is that the food you can make the best prevention to save their health and be slender. This will razubavite and be spiritually richer.