360 feedback programs are used by companies of all sizes to provide employees with an invaluable tool for personal and professional development. Suspicious arrangement can make sure the achievement of this initiative and help a business to maximize the advantage to all concerned. This article details some of the best practices to consider for your own 360 feedback programs. In fact, most companies are using some tools to get feedback 360 feedback, surveys of employee satisfaction, employee ideas, etc., but they are honestly using the information to improve their processes? The effective management of employee feedback is as important as the collection of employee information. Getting the thoughts of the employees will be useless if the information is not used properly.
The essence of a 360 degree program is that employees are evaluated by the wide range of people working with peers, managers, subordinates, and in some cases, internal or external customers, as well as a self-evaluation. The results are usually anonymous, and then back to employees, completing the circle. The 360 is normally used as a self-development and coaching tool. While 360 programs can be part of a program of broader performance assessment, this should be approached carefully to ensure it does not interfere with the level of trust that builds a good program of 360, because it touches the media in all parts of the professional and personal life, continuous improvement in this area is vital. The collection of honest information should never be relegated to employee surveys and annual performance reviews.
Good communication program will also contribute to its success. Participation of senior management will help to show a commitment to higher level and can also be used to eliminate the concerns regarding the confidence of employees and the opening of the answers. A complete and clear explanation of the purpose, how the data will be used, and how you will be protected should be communicated to all stakeholders in the process being evaluated, as well as information providers.
The use of an external administrator is also highly recommended to increase the confidence level of the program. Every day communicating with several people in different ways. Chat with fellow employees, customers email to your boss, etc. As specialists in employee surveys, what we hear from customers and what we see in the reports are gaps in communication. Sometimes the problem is the method of communication, sometimes the time and sometimes the perception of providing honest feedback is not worth the hassle or risk.
Mostly it's observed that a manager of the department like subordinate or the superiors who are working with a standard definition of the 360 degree feedback, to resolve the problems which are related to 360, at the same time as integrate into the performance of management method. Any organization that needs to be taken care of administration, they are able to contract for these services from an external organization, to reinforce performance coaching skills that act as a service bureau.

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