Real estate is a property that consists of a building or any structure along with it’s natural resources. Residential real estate consists of a single or multifunctional family structure that is accessible to be occupied by family or for other non-business purposes. While real estate is a good field and careerchoice to opt for, it is a tricky one and if not dealt with clients in the right way can lead to a loss. Referrals are very important in real estate, according to a top agent. Dealing with clients in a professional yet humbly is the key. Being a realtor requires interpersonal skills, support and good communication terms with the client in order to help them achieve their dream house. This shows them just how much you appreciate them trusting you with their house as getting a home is quite the deal for certain families.

Gifting something to your client at the end of a deal ensures your client that they weren’t just some numbers on your sales sheet rather they actually meant something and that you were interested in their story. Referrals and repeated businesses are very beneficial in real estate hence always close a deal on good terms so if tomorrow your client is think or buying or selling again or thinking of recommending a real estate business to a friend or family, you will be the first to pop up in their minds and that you will be their go-to business. Real estate is a very competitive business hence gifting your clients when they buy a property or sell it will help you earn extra points and you will be on top of the line as compared to the other competitors in the business.

A box of chocolates or a card won’t do much rather the gift should be a much more thoughtful and personalised one. It shouldn’t be too personal nor too meaningful but just something right inbetween to add into the essence. Since you’ve been working with your client more likely for months, by now you must have an idea of their personal likings and preferences. Keeping in mind their taste while purchasing a real estate closing gift will make them appreciate your effort even more.

Gifts leave a good impression on the client and they are very appreciative of you, making you a referral to their family and friends and thus it’ll help you expand your business further. Try purchasing a useful item to gift, such as a platter, a wall clock, a candy dish, a local painting or any other unique showpiece. It shouldn’t be too expensive nor too cheap and it can be a great housewarming present aswell. Before getting a gift, you should think about WHY you’re getting it in the first place. If you’re getting a “thankyou” gift then any thing would do the job but if you’re looking for a gift that expresses appreciation, and one that gets you referrals and repeated business opportunities then you should give the gift a thought and get something that is actually meaningful to your client.

Pay attention to your client when on a house tour, because he/she will most definitely mention a showpiece item or anything that would look great in a particular corner. Try to get that item because it will do wonders for you as it would show that you pay attention the the little things and that you are actually considerate of your client’s wishes. Closing gifts are a common courtesy by realtors to congratulate their client for their purchase.

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