If it is quality in furniture that one is looking for, then one really need look no further than Amish furniture stores – these offer the best in furniture, in terms of quality, design and durability. The many benefits of the Amish made furniture are –

Best Quality Raw Materials – Amish furniture stores offer furniture that is made from the best quality raw materials available. Hard woods that are known for their durability and solidity as well as good looks are sourced after checking for quality and suitability for the piece of furniture that is to be made. The raw material is then carefully seasoned and prepared before fashioning into furniture. There is none of the particle board and ply and other flimsy and cost cutting measures that are used for making furniture.

Time Honored Techniques of Construction – The Amish are well known for using traditional methods of furniture construction such as dovetail joinery, mortise and tenon joints and so on. There is no use of nails and screws as such, and so there is a fine and seamless appearance to the furniture that not only looks good but also lasts really long because of the distinctive and unique methods of construction.

Also a lot of the processes of construction are done using old fashioned tools and very little mechanization. Since the Amish traditions forbid use of modern technology the use of machinery is kept to a minimum when making the furniture. Many hand tools are still used for the making of the handcrafted furniture. In particular, many of the finishing processes that Amish furniture makers use are done by hand, so that each of the pieces of furniture created are made the old fashioned way, little altered from the time and way that their forefathers worked.

Durability – One of the distinct advantages of buying furniture from Michigan furniture stores is that you buy durability, sturdiness and a long life along with the furniture. Amish handcrafted furniture is often referred to as heirloom furniture, for the reason that the furniture is extremely long lasting neither breaking nor losing its looks and luster for years to come. This is the sort of furniture that you can buy and then be assured that you will not have to make another similar investment for a very long time to come. This furniture can literally be passed on from generation to generation.

Classic Designs – The designs that the Amish use are timeless classics that appear never to go out of style. So when you buy furniture today, it looks fresh and current today as well as some years down the line; this is not the sort of design that will appear dated and out of fashion in a few years. Though the Amish do keep pace with times and offer contemporary designs, the designs are not slaves to fashion and so remain 'in' for all times to come.

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The author uses table pads to protect her dining table. Amish oak furniture is long lasting and needs just basic care and maintenance. You can buy it from this Michigan furniture store.