Quote: “The biggest difference between an average income and financial-freedom is… IMPLEMENTATION.“- Bill Glazer

I recently spent four long days and nights with information marketing millionaires at the Information Marketing Summit and was astonished to hear that many of them, when pressed for THE secret of their recent 7-figure success, named ONE and only one. Best of all, I was able to witness this theme with most everyone I met, particularly the VERY successful ones.

These entrepreneur millionaires all have ONE secret in common: they IMPLEMENT new ideas quickly. At first, it sounded so simple that I didn’t believe it fully. Could implementation (getting things done) be so profound that those who’ve REALLY succeeded named it as their number one KEY? Then I started thinking about my own journey…

I realized that, just one year later, I’d actually implemented a LOT of the ideas I’d gotten at that same conference the year before. I’d set up a new lead generation tool on my website which converts on average of 36% of people who land on the website; I’d then created a new coaching program in which more than a hundred people got huge value from talking to me twice a month; I’d created my first successful 3-day workshop and filled it to capacity in less than 6 weeks with people attending from all around the country; And then subsequently filled an elite coaching group to capacity out of the workshop. All this in less than one year.

Wow, when looking back at the list, it seemed like a LOT .But in the end, all I’d really done was systematically and steadfastly implemented the new ideas I’d discovered.

Let me say that again: Systematically and Steadfastly.

Returning to the same conference a year later, I realized a couple of things.There were several people who’d vowed they’d attend the following one but weren’t present the second time around. Had they given up? Had they NOT implemented the thousands of info-rich ideas and therefore didn’t see it as fit to return for more?

This all got me thinking: What’s keeping people from implementing, anyway? After some thought, I believe people get stopped from implementing new ideas for several reasons:

1) They don’t organize the information they’ve received(it all seems so overwhelming that it stays there in that notebook and nothing gets done.) Have you been there too?

2) They don’t have accountability systems in place(either a coach, high-level Mastermind group or other people to call them on their “stuff” when they’re procrastinating and get them into gear again.)

3)Their focus is spread thin over many different projectsand nothing ever really gets accomplished.

4) They don’t set deadlines for completion, so the task list keeps dragging on and on, until it just disappears.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m no stranger to procrastination.I, like most, have things on my list that have needed to get done for YEARS. But what I’ve noticed is that the stress level of NOT getting something done, something important and revenue generating, is far worse than actually taking the time to complete it fully. So, it’s very much worth the effort. Not only that, it’s far more satisfying. You’ll see.

Your Assignment:

That said, how can YOU implement more effectively? I really see the key to success as being SPEED of implementation.Simply getting things done over time is great, and yet if you can implement QUICKLY, you will see returns on investment MUCH faster. In essence, nothing should be more important than implementation.

My mantra, taped on my wall above the computer?


Do this, and I guarantee you will have more clients, make a lot more, with stress less. It’s about taking that no-excuses approach to getting things done that I talk about so often. That’s what millionaire-entrepreneurs do. Are you up for the challenge? I know I am.

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Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time...guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD, visit www.ClientAttraction.com.