Unconditional love is defined as a profound feeling of affection, not altered in any way by conditions; usually this type of love is considered too good to be true, or something that only the “Creator” of all things can offer.

In fact, our limitations in giving love are our frights. We are afraid of loving someone no matter what because they might hurt us, and then...the real question is why are we allowing them to hurt us? The way we react at something others do is our choice entirely. If we have expectations, hopes, desires that are not fulfilled, it is not because the person beside us is not doing something right, it is because we rely on him or her to do it.

Lets see this from another perspective. What if we don't link love to others, what if we choose to feel love towards everything and everyone, starting from ourselves? Look inside and ask: Do I love myself? Do I accept and love every aspect of myself, in body, mind and spirit? It usually happens that we expect to receive from others the love we miss on a particular aspect of our life. It may happen or not. And we say we love them for that, but we stop loving them when they don't appreciate that thing in us any more. Does it have anything to do with them? No. It's all in our mind, but we don't want to see it or we simply don't know how to recognize it.

Analyzing every single relationship you have might frighten you at first. It is something new and not very pleasant to accept that you love your family, your friends, your husband, even your children, from the wrong reasons. But once you'll think about it, you'll see that acknowledging that is in fact a blessing. Why? Because now you can start loving them unconditionally. You will just pour this profound feeling towards them, by healing yourself first. It's not only normal to love yourself the most, it's what you need to be able to love everybody else.

The key of all this is to observe. Detach yourself from your life for a moment. Look deep in your heart and know you are perfect. Seal the bleeding wounds you've made and absorb what your heart knows how to give you best: love. Absorb it with every fiber of you being and then you'll feel the need to pause. Look around you; see the beings that surround you and are bleeding just as you did. You know you can love them now, without ever asking yourself why.

This is unconditional love and it is indeed reserved for the gods, because WE are gods and it is a choice for us to accept it and act accordingly.

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I'm a publisher on http://www.plaiderai.org and my main interest is holistic medicine. I love reading and writing about animals and nature too, since my profession is of Veterinary doctor. Spirituality and health are also domains in my list of interests.