As our country’s leaders grabble with their hatred and vitriol for each other, to try to solve a problem, a financial crisis looms for the American people. Several thoughts come to my mind. The first is why are people not outraged at the behavior in Washington? Why aren’t people in the streets with their fists raised telling these spoiled entitled toddlers to put their opinions where the sun doesn’t shine? Why are we tolerating the self aggrandizing and the self serving posturing from our elected leaders? Are we so programmed by culture that we normalize the insanity of the status quo? What do you think?
Once I vent my frustration about our leaders who ever so ineptly are working on my behalf, playing chicken with my tax dollars, I find my way back to the truth that always equalizes injustice. The truth is this:
Security is always an inside job
Our ability to feel safe, be safe and have what we need does not come from Washington or anything else outside of ourselves. It comes from our awareness of our innate wholeness and the reality that we are divine love and wisdom in action. We don’t go get love. We are love. The place to put our trust is in the intelligence that gave us life. When we do that it is easy to remember we are always exactly where we need to be. We cannot be given a learning experience we do not need. Whatever happens is what we need to grow, evolve and become enlightened in a physical body.
Everything in life comes to us but for the grace of God consciousness. If we are used to receiving our prosperity from a certain mechanism and that mechanism changes then we simply change with it. (please read “Who Moved My Cheese?”) Consciousness has limitless possibilities with which to deliver our good, our enough, our safe, and our abundance. So long as we listen with an open heart, trust the process of life and value truth, we will receive.
Whether the toddlers in Washington (my apologies for insulting toddlers) avoid a financial crisis or not, will not affect my ability to trust the consciousness that brings me everything I have in my life.
Everything is energy. All of life is a series of frequencies resonating to or away from each other. When we value and honor our wholeness we raise our frequency. We don’t have to worry if we will be taken care of. We know we already are. Nothing that happens to us can change that. It is your divine birth right to be prosperous and have abundance.
Prosperity does not come from Washington. It is a relationship you build and nurture through trust in yourself and higher consciousness. It is something you learn to allow and receive.
Whatever happens on August 2nd, (mercury goes retrograde), the truth of who you are will not change. No matter if the US is bankrupt or not. No matter if we have a double dip recession or not. Your prosperity was never there to begin with. That is just an illusion.
This is what 2012 momentums are all about. It is a time to reclaim our spiritual identity. It is a time to redirect our attention to frequencies, thoughts and agendas that serve us as people and that serve our planet.
As you, with me, continue to watch the squabbles, the venom, and the vitriol in Washington, remember that security is in an inside job. It is the product of the relationship you have with higher consciousness and with yourself. No one can impede or intrude on that relationship unless you allow it.

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Phyllis King is known as the Common Sense psychic because she loves to give practical and down to earth advice. Phyllis is reknown as a syndicated radio host. She has read over 5,000 people in 20 different countries. She has appeared on CBS TV, NBC TV, and radio programs across the country. Phyllis ongoingly hosts life mastery workshops, healing circles, group reading events including psychic development courses.

She is the author of A Psychic Perspective,10 Steps to Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness, the co author of Bouncing Back with Dr. Wayne Dyer, and her new book, The Heart of the Matter, Life Lessons with the Common Sense Psychic.