Throughout my 32 years on this planet I've met only a handful of people like Pierre Lamarche, people who don't have to say much to you because the sheer presence and actions they undertake says enough. During my anxiety disorder while still keeping the tennis dream alive in my late 20's, I needed someone like that around me, but the way things were going it seemed there was no way I could attract anything positive into my life.

Pierre had many amazing qualities as my personal tennis coach and as a person off the court, he taught me that it's important to take complete control over yourself and not just react to life. He was sure in his decisions and he was clear on how his mindset was going to be no matter what scenario presented itself throughout the day. These are things that I completely forgot but was reminded of again as I spent more time with him. For as long as i've known him I've never witnessed him say "i'm tired," his energy was contagious and when you were around him your positive emotions were brought up to another level, and with it your confidence in yourself.

I started thinking to myself how was I letting myself go physically and mentally the way I was, why did I give up on life completely the way I did during my anxiety disorder? Pierre was able to remind me of how life should really be lived, and I emulated him and his joyful ways on my road to recovery from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I also started noticing two things, my breathing got slower, and my posture started getting much better, two very important keys to overcoming anxiety.
Shallow breathing switches on our fight or flight reflex known as our sympathetic nervous system, this has a great affect on being able to think clearly and the obsessive thoughts we have. We're also learning the connection between chronic hyperventilation and many problems and diseases that people see doctors for such as high blood pressure, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, asthma and arthritis just to name a few. Poor posture on the other hand results in very restricted and shallow breathing that will greatly affect your energy levels and cause full blown panic attacks, have you ever felt how much more difficult it is to breath properly when you're hunched over in your chair for example? These days so much of our time is spent crouched over on a computer, which is in fact completely opposite of what our bodies were designed for. Good posture is as important as eating right, exercising, and getting a great nights sleep, wow I bet that was something you've never heard before!

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Professional tennis player who overcame 6 years of debilitating anxiety disorder. Through the End The Anxiety Program I show you how I did it, visit to find out how you can naturally overcome your anxiety disorder starting today.