I cried this morning and asked myself if there was another way to deal with my bittersweet emotions. Keep reading to the end and let the wisdom of our cat mommy, Kiki, show you the best way to deal with your emotions when saying goodbye to your best friend.

Today, our baby kitten Ami (which means ‘friend’ in French) left the nest. The last eight weeks we were blessed to be part of a cat world that showed us the ease and grace of animals while growing up. It was refreshing to see that animals have fewer growing pains because they aren't nourishing their emotional pain bodies like we do.

For hours our whole family sat cross-legged in the “baby classroom” and watched a magic world of wonder play out in front of our eyes. From the moment of birth we watched how amazingly well cat mommies are equipped to teach their babies into adulthood. How natural it is for them to follow their gut and trust that everything will work out no matter how often your kids stumble and fall. It showed me that, as parents, we want to encourage our kids to be their beautiful unique selves, teach them to stand on their own feet, and then let them go.

That day came sooner than we liked. Ami was the first one to go. It reminded me of my oldest kids leaving for college overseas, and for sure it triggered the same deep emotions. In contrast to Kiki, who is as calm as can be, I am restless and keep walking around the house until Ami’s new family arrives. Somehow she must have known that Ami was leaving today. Like a real mommy, Kiki takes Ami aside for one last round of nourishment. She feeds him and afterwards grooms him to make him look his best.

I follow Kiki’s example. For one last time I take Ami in my arms. I tell him about his big life purpose that's awaiting him. I say if he can just be his beautiful playful self, he doesn’t have to do a thing. “Just be,” I whisper in his soft brown furry ear. His big blue eyes look lovingly at me, and then he squeezes them close and falls asleep in my arms. He knows enough; that one teaching is plenty to jumpstart him into his new world.

Moments later, Ami’s wonderful new family arrives. I wrap him in a soft, fuzzy baby blanket and hand him to the young boy, who proudly carries his new friend to the car. Ami looks like a little Eskimo with only his furry round face visible.

One last wave, and Ami is gone. When I walk back into the house, Kiki is sound asleep. I am a wreck and crying. I wish that I had Kiki’s cat skills when it comes to letting go... Tomorrow, the next kitten will leave at 9:00 AM, and I guess that I’ll follow Kiki’s example and take a catnap after he’s gone. I’ll keep you posted about my catnaps, as simple as that sounds...

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