Did you know eyes are the windows to the soul? And the winking eyebrows can melt the heart of your close one. No matter how much you care about them, eyebrows play a big role in framing and redefining your facial features.  While complementing all your expressions, you deserve a good look. However, finding a professional ensure your eyebrows can get a good shape. Here are few things you need to ensure while getting your brow in shape.

  • Look at yourself objectively: You need to step back from the daily rush and look at yourself to find the way the world sees you. While looking at yourself objectively and moving it closer, find the hairs need to remove and the ones you want to represent. 
  • Don’t go for shades without proper knowledge: When it comes to eyebrows, shading is something people have less knowledge about it.  If you’re having black of dark-brown hair, the lighter eyebrows create the milk-chocolate shade that cut off the harsh look. On the contrary, lighter hair and darker brows come with the balanced contrast. 
  • Different brow shape for different face shape: Whereas some prefer the thinner and arched brows, some people prefer it to shape it big, bold and bushy. Before you approach professionals for threading in Canberra, try using an eyebrow brush to experiment which shape complements your look.
  • It’s better to avoid tweezers: Even if plucking doesn’t cause any harm to your eyebrows, over-plucking is better to avoid. Sometimes, the plucked hair may not grow back, whereas skin irritation may cause due to tweezing.  Well, eyebrow threading could be a great alternative to plucking, where you can receive the proper guidance of the experts along with a great shape.
  • Make your brows full as you like them to be: If your eyebrows are not thick, try using hacks that let your brow hair flourish naturally. One of such ways to get fuller eyebrow is applying the castor oil onto your eyebrows and leave it overnight. Next morning, clean off the face with water. Castor oil contains the necessary nutrients that promote hair growth. If castor oil is not available, you can make use of olive oil or coconut oil in that place.
  • A right makeup is also necessary: Give yourself the necessary time to spruce up the brows using makeup. Whether you know or not, a few brushstrokes can change the shape, giving it an illusion of fluffy eyebrows. Apply pomade or eye shadow can create a fuller and more defined look.

Well, some people say their secret of shaping their eyebrows. Your arch should be where brow protrudes. From under the brow, up to the arch, there should be a straight line followed by another straight line towards down too. However, avoid creating any curvature like "S" or "C". Follow the same rule while filling your brows with gel or pencil. Don't forget to brush the product through brows and work in a straight lines, so that, it gets blended and none can find the visible lines drawn.  

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The author has an experience of getting associated with the best services of threading in Canberra and possesses adequate information about states redefining brows can give your makeup a bold look.