Binaural Beats CD - Are They Effective?

Binaural beats or tones, happen to be part of an interesting technology today that includes trying to affect the mind by listening to various frequencies of sound waves. However, you may wonder if a binaural beats entrainment CD can really work as claimed or are all those reports and testimonies behind them only hype in the online market?

Although many people think that these are a new phenomenon, they actually have been studied for almost 200 years. In fact, they have been used in various places in the world through the years to help develop new talent, for meditation, relaxation, and to induce different states of consciousness.

Binaural Beats - What are They?

Wondering what they really are? These beats are when one single sound is created by two tones or sounds that are very close in pitch (although they aren't identical) are played into the ears separately. In 1839 it was Heinrich Wilhelm Dove that is credited with the discovery of these binaural beats, since he is supposedly the one who first noted this phenomenon.

After this discovery by Dove, little was said about it until an article by Gerald Oster, "Auditory Beats in the Brain" came out in the 70s. It was published in Scientific American and it provided new findings and interesting information on recent research done in labs

It was Oster's idea that the brain was directly affected by these tones. He felt that they could be used to help diagnose medical problems and that they could also be used for neurological and cognitive purposes as well. However, are these binaural beats going to simply work for everyone are can you do particular things to get the most from this new technology available today?

Brainwave Entrainment and a Binaural Beats CD

The electrical activities that occur in the brain, known as brainwaves, have different frequencies at which they travel. During the day, there are different cycles of these frequencies, which are based upon your current state of consciousness. Brainwave entrainment, which is training or tuning the brain by listening to sounds of a particular frequency, can help you bring the right state for personal development, hypnosis, relaxation, or even meditation.

Other than just relaxation, what does a binaural beats CD work for? Some have reported that these beats help to relieve tension, anxiety, and stress. Others have used them to help them lose weight or to aid them as they try to stop smoking.

When people listen to these frequencies, it is reported that often conscious and subconscious minds are separated and commonly people feel sedated. Some report hallucinations as well, which comes in the form of seeing patterns in colors that are bright and beautiful. For this reason, when you are using binaural beats and experiencing these effects, you should not drive a vehicle or operate any type of machinery.

So, do binaural beats really work? Well, this question really depends on you. Some people experience results that are more noticeable than other people do. If you do have access to a quality program and some quality headphones as well, you can find that brainwave entrainment with binaural beats can provide some great effects. For the best results, ensure your headphones operate in stereo and that they are of high quality so you can hear the tones easily.

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