There are many pieces of furniture that a man will acquire during his lifetime. There are many possessions that human beings will buy and own during the course of their lives that they will hold dear to their heart. One may buy and treasure a beautiful car for example. When they drive their vehicle they may feel extremely happy and stimulated by the true joy they experience and they drive speedily down a highway road to their favorite destination. One may also feel extremely proud of something that they own such as an expensive and luxurious watch. They may feel excited and stimulated by the successful image and feeling their experience when they feel their beloved watch is rubbing against the skin of their wrist. Of the many properties and objects that a man will acquire over their long and complicated lifetime, none is for many, as special and intimate as a bed.

From the earliest human being who lived on this planet many years ago. Before the discovery of the many technological conveniences that we take for granted today, such as airplanes and cellphones, our ancestors used to look forward to something that they could call their own. For many of these ancient people the only thing they could lay claim to was their bed. The beds of the past were not luxurious and built like the ones that we sleep on today. Often the bed of a man from ancient times was a mattress of arranged hay that they could comfortably rest their bodies in the evening after a hard day of enduring had work. Even slaves of the past could lay claim to their one little thing that they could call their own; a little corner of neatly arranged hay where they would sleep for the night in relative comfort, also known as a bed.

During these modern times, a bed is still a very important piece of furniture that an average man considers his most essential. Many happy and restful time will occur on the surface of a man’s mattress. This is the surface where an average many will spend many hours sitting and watching hours of television. They will lay and go through many hours of their favorite sitcoms and movies. They will also spend many hours on their laptops as they send emails or finish work from the office on their bed. Many modern men even spend a great deal of time on their beds playing video games on their PlayStation and other types of consoles.

In conclusion, throughout the ages men have always treasured their beds. It is arguably the most personal and most important piece of furniture that they will acquire. Since ancient times when man’s beds were primitively arranged grass and hay, to modern times of today where beds are luxurious and comfortable, we have always treasure our beds where we sleep

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