Scott wins Bridgestone, caddy Williams even happier than him
Even though it was Adam Scott who won the World Golf Championship Bridgestone Invitational, it was Steve Williams who celebrated the most, as the former caddy for Tiger Woods admitted that he was more than glad that his new boss was the one who took the glory, and even called it “the best win I’ve ever had”, this in despite the thirteen major titles he won with his former employer. Though he felt quite euphoric about the victory, he then admitted that he might had taken the celebration a bit too far as he mentioned that “Looking back on it, I was a bit over the top, I had a lot of anger in me about what happened and it all came out.”

Meruelo and the Hawks
The Hawks have a new owner, and his name is Alex Meruelo, who is a man that is expected to shift the way in which this team is perceived at Atlanta in order to bring more profits to the franchise. The problem is that the Hawks have never won anything significant in their existence, and Atlanta is basically a football town, which means that Mr. Meruelo will have a hard task at hand when it comes to get locals to attend to games at Philips Arena.

Bears passed on Hayden for now
Even though the Bears decided not to sign Kelvin Hayden after his visit to their training camp on Monday, they haven’t ruled out the option of doing so yet, and their final decision will have a lot to do with their budget and their approach towards overspending in free agents on the market. Hayden also visited the Redskins’ training camp last week without any results, which means that the veteran cornerback is close to a time when he will have to adjust to what he is be offered instead of what he wants.

Orton is starter, Tebow is fan favorite
The Broncos has give the starting quarterback position to Kyle Orton over Tim Tebow, with the latest being a fan favorite, and it seems like Orton doesn’t care too much about what fans of Denver thinks about him, as he said that his main goal is to win games and not to be so pending on fan appreciation, and also said that the only way to get fans to like him more than Tebow is to get some good results for the franchise, so it is a matter of time to see who was right, the fans or head coach John Fox.

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