Love for people and hatred for the various issues of the world is something that brings people together for a cause. This is something that Westmont impact hopes to bring about, helping people who deserve it, and ensure that they get the attention that they deserve.

With the ever-growing lists of non-profits to apply your charitable contribution to, do you ever look around and think, “Man, there has to be something more I can do for this world?” In one small Christian College Community folks that support Westmont Impact are proud to be “doing” and not just “thinking.” Supporters that give regularly are able to follow their investment each month to see the stories of how their contributions are making an impact in the world. For those who’ve invested in this movement, faculty, staff, students and alumni work hard to give these generous donors a progress report on their investment. As a result, they are able to see how the world is being impacted because of the ministry of Westmont.

Knowing that “you can’t take your money or possessions with you,” is usually compelling enough for most people to donate to charity. Donors to Westmont Impact are most often compelled by their love of Christ, and though they have considered ways to help the world, they aren’t sure how to take on such a seemingly large mission or even have the time. It is a rare person that is physically and emotionally able or will even take the time to travel to developing countries, much less perform an act of kindness. That’s why Westmont Impact is more than a charity, it’s a movement of caring and able people coming together to support the students out there making a spiritual difference. Those that have chosen to invest their dollars in Westmont Impact are proud to be a part of this rewarding and larger cause. This is charitable giving of the noblest kind.

With a 1 million dollar goal in mind, Westmont Movement is already on that road and is primed for success. Once that goal is attained, the greatest common need will be determined by Westmont ministry and those monies will be given and applied by Westmont. Whether it’s helping educate children in impoverished third world countries; serving troubled youth here in the States; or sending Westmont’s students on trips around the world to impact troubled lives; it seems that in today’s world, private donations are often the only way to make a difference. And though times are still economically tough here in the US, this is one cause that is not only tax deductible, but is profitable for the soul.

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