Westjet Air Lines Cancellation Policy

How to cancel Westjet Airlines Flight Online?

Many plans are changing to cancel the Westjet Airlines bookings (838) 205-4400 online. The travel policies of refunding tickets are changing by eliminating changes in the fees. The tickets originate from North America and different parts of the world.

There are no policies on the tickets purchased from March 2020 and April 2021. It excludes the fundamental fare changes. You have the flexibility to make changes in the date, time, and trip location before departure from the particular location.

It is easy to cancel or rebook the flights online before departure from the particular location. You make changes in the flight then, the cost of the new flight ticket is more than the original ticket. It happens then; you need to make the payment in the original and new price difference.

You can cancel and change the flight details from the My Trips portal. The ticket does not carry any remaining value when the cancelation is made before the flight's departure on the same day. No changes have been made on the basic economy tickets.

Understand the changes and refunds made on the flight tickets

You have to understand the cancellation of the Westjet Airlines Flight ticket online based on the cost associated with the flight you have booked from the particular location. The ticket is the non-refundable type, and you will find the non-refundable mentioned on your ticket.

On the other hand, if you do not find it on your ticket, it means that your ticket is refundable. It would be best if you had an idea of these things when you cancel your Westjet Airlines ticket online.

Customers can get a 100% refund on their ticket when they buy the qualifying e-ticket from the Westjet States.

Westjet Airlines Cancellation Policy for Non-refundable tickets

You have purchased the non-refundable ticket from Westjet Airlines official site. Then, you want to cancel the ticket. In that case, some costs will deduct from the flight ticket cost. You will get the remaining value through an e-Credit. It can be used towards another ticket purchase.

How to do the cancelation of the non-refundable ticket

  • You have to ensure that you are refunding the ticket before the flight's departure.
  • You can log in on the website My Trips.
  • Make a selection of the trip that you want to cancel.
  • Follow the steps for the cancel flight option.

Westjet Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy

Your ticket does not include in the no cancelation policy while booking the flight ticket. Example: The cost of the base economy ticket booked on or after January 1, 2022, then the cancelation charges applicable on it includes $99.

After deducting the charges, you will get the remaining payment through eCredit. The charges are applicable to change with the time. The expiration of eCredit will depend on the original ticket and the applicable waivers based on it.

Apply for a refund on the Westjet Airlines Cancelation Policy

You rebook the alternative flight while booking a flight on a particular day. You can apply for the cancelation on the ticket, and your ticket will convert to the eCredit for the future to travel on Westjet Airlines.

On the other hand, there are instances when you can ask for a refund on the Westjet Airlines ticket. Fill out the request form for the upcoming trip using the canceled Westjet flight ticket.

You can request while filling out the form. Then, you can inquire about getting the refund on your original ticket, which you made the booking in the past. You would get the repayment on the original form.

Westjet Airlines Refund Policy

You are planning to cancel the Westjet Airlines Ticket refundable ticket. Then, it would help if you had an idea regarding the Westjet Airlines refund policy.

How can you do the cancelation of the refundable ticket?

  • You can find the trip booking to enter the login details on the My Trips website.
  • Select the website that you want to cancel and enter details. Ensure that you do the cancelation the ticket before the flight departure.

Apply for the refund on the Westjet Airlines refundable ticket

You can request a refund on the refundable ticket. You are eligible to get a refund on the ticket when you book another ticket on the Westjet Airlines flight. It should be refundable on the ticket. Then, you can get a refund on that particular ticket. Check how your purchase the ticket through credit card, cash, and debit. Then, the refund will issue to you in the original form.

Westjet airlines cancellation fee

You can cancel the Westjet airlines flight before its departure within 24 hours. Therefore, the cancellation fee is $99-$199. You can make the online request for canceling the ticket then; you will get the refund after deducting the fee, i.e., around $99-$199.

Apply for the cancelation at the time of 24 hours of departure of the flight. Westjet Airlines deducts the cancelation charges and returns the rest through the e-Credit format. It will take around 7 business days to return the amount to your account after completing the processing of deducting the fee and other documentation procedures.

Westjet airlines cancellation due to COVID

The person who found Covid positive can use the online My Trip portal to apply for the cancelation. Then, the people have to attach the report's details while applying for the flight cancelation. The company will return the ticket after deducting the $99-199. They will send the amount in the customer's credit within 7 days. It is the complete procedure related to the Westjet Airlines flight cancellation due to COVID. Passengers can update the authorities if they deduct to COVID and cancel the flight.

Westjet airlines same day cancellation

It is simple to cancel the Westjet Airlines flight on the same day. Follow the steps to cancel your flight ticket to a particular location.

  • Check your confirmation number provided in the email address.
  • Go to the My Trip portal and find the information about your trip.
  • Check out the flight information and cancel the flight for the particular location.
  • Begin for the fight, change, and cancellation.
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