Jeri lost her job about 6 weeks ago. She was very distraught and angry. She started getting headaches, insomnia and was very depressed. Acupuncture helped her re-gain control and confidence in her life...but life will go on.

How are you being affected?

What you can do about it!

Everyone has been affected in some way by the difficulties facing our nation. We all know friends and families who are now losing their jobs and homes. Stress kills! You may think that conserving on health benefits is prudent but if ailments, issues, stress and worry are left untreated, they can escalate causing imbalances in your body, which deteriorate your health. Are you worried about the future for you or people you know? Are you having more insomnia? Brain fog? Anger? Irritability? Depression? Moodiness? Isolation? Have you experienced more aches and pains lately... neck, back, legs? These are signs of stress that need treatment. They are effectively treated with acupuncture!

7 Helpful Stress Reducer Tips

1. Remember you are not alone. Talk to friends and family. "Three keys to abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, and sharing with others."(Ward).

2. Breathe! Deeper! Sometimes our minds are thinking of so many things at once we have no idea what is "now." Be in the moment and enjoy it. "Life has a habit of living you if you don't live it." (Larkin).

3. Don't be all work and no play. When we are busy, we forget to take care of ourselves and when we are not busy, enough we work too hard to get busy again!

4. Exercise! Run, walk, swim or stroll! Choose the right cardio work out for your body and keep that blood circulating!

5. Read! Choose meaningful input! Some like fiction. Some like facts. Some like light inspirational stories. What you read can make a difference in your attitude.

6. Rest! Take time (that should be "make" time) for relaxation and fun.

7. Be thankful for the health you have and take care of it! Eat healthier! It will make difference in how you feel.

Author's Bio: 

Kathie is an author, acupuncturist, herbalist, and holistic nutritionist practicing in Irvine, CA.