Machu Picchu tours are situated in Peru. It is a unique masterpiece featuring the architecture, landscape and beautiful scenery. Recently Machu Picchu tours are recognized as the new seven wonders including the beaches passing of the north and to the Amazon jungle. It is a beautiful place filled with culture, art, history and also with adventure. Here you can find breath taking views and with amazing experience. Machu Picchu tours are known for the adventure where you can hike on the rugged mountain and even if you don’t know then one can learn hiking, climbing and trekking from a professional hiker. The professional hikes guide you to hike and also teach the safe trails. Hiking in beautiful scenery is really a best experience. When it comes to plan a vacation to certain place for at least days or weeks then definitely Machu Picchu tours is the relevant place for holiday destinations. Those who are nature lovers they can plan to this place. This archeology was built some 600 years ago in the high Andean mountains of Peru. The Machu Picchu is also known as ‘the lost city of the Incas’. This Structure is preserved with wide range of variety from lodging, dinning, accommodation as per the choice and affordable and even the transportation. Machu Picchu tours is been an attraction to many of the visitors.

A Hindu Temples or devalay or mandir, one can call it by any name but it remains the most important part in Hinduism. It is a place of worship to many gods and goddess by the Hindu followers. In the temples you can see there are idols of different gods and goddess which is also called as murtis. These temples are located some times in the top hill or near caves, river and waterfalls. The Hindu Temples were constructed in India near 2000 years ago. In the olden days the temples were built of bricks and woods which are no longer existed. These temples marked the Vedic region with teaching of rituals, culture and values. In this temple people come to sacrifices, and those who are devotional they come to get bhakti. Temples in India are made according to the religion, region and caste. For Example if one is south Indian then you may see Lord Balaji, Lord Venketeshwar, Karthik and lot more. In kolkata region one can find Maa Durga and lot more. The main aim to visit Hindu Temples is to get darshan i.e. blessings from the god. Temples is the main part of India. There are various Hindu temple where majority of the visitors visit and have there vacation in the same place.

Western Wall is the holiest place and the most stunning Jewish site situated in Jerusalem. It is a sacred place and is known as ‘Wailing Wall’ because the Jews gather here to lament the loss of the temple. The Western Wall was built during the rule of King Herod in 20 BC. According to the Roman Jewish history the construction of the walls took place for around 11 years. It was made only in night so that no one can interfere in the working progress. In the 70 AD the Jerusalem and the Western Wall were destroyed by Romans. For Jews it is known as the pilgrimage place. The orthodox Jews visit daily to the western wall and you can see they face to the wall and pray or chant. There are many things to be seen in this place including the huge, lower stones of the wall, Tisha B’Av, Barclay’s gate, Robinsons Arch, Western Wall Tunnel and lot more. Here all religions are been welcomed and not every year but every day there are various visitors and Jews also.

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